Mayne Island Community Bus Schedule

It's finally here!

The forever promised bus schedule is now available at many locations around Mayne Island and can be downloaded from the dedicated page on the MayneNews blog. The link that says MI Community Bus Schedule will remain at the top of this page for the time being. (Edit September 2015: this link has new information currently).

Your community bus is currently 100% volunteer run. As such we ask for your support, input and patience as we work through the pilot project phase of this beneficial endeavour. The pilot project will take us into October and at that time we hope to have a permanent local transit system in place year round.

How can I catch a bus?

That sounds like the beginning of a joke but it is now a reality here on Mayne and the answer is simple. If you are on the route we will stop anywhere it is safe to do so, just wave down the volunteer driver.

What if I am not on the route?

With prior arrangement We may be able to veer off the route, to pick you up. Please call the "Bus Phone" to arrange.

What we are not?

We are not a taxi, please do not call for a ride outside of scheduled running times. We will however be available for some charter work for on Island events.

What can I do to help?

We look forward to serving the residents and visitors of Mayne island for years to come. To achieve permanent public transit on Mayne Island we need your support.

For Starters Please ride the Bus!

Beyond using the bus service you can help in other ways. We are looking for more drivers to ensure we have uninterrupted service. If you are interested please speak to one of the current drivers. As well, you can make financial contributions which are used to offset gas and maintenance costs. Cheques can be made out to the Mayne Island Community Bus and given to Brian Dearden or Richard De Armond.

For further information please contact Richard (250) 539-0851

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  1. I rode the bus home from the ferry today after being away for a couple of weeks. What a great service!