Leigh-Anne Maxwell-MD Hennessy Art Show: Fri Aug 2

We're looking forward to showing our work. Please join us at the opening reception - Friday, August 2nd from 7 - 9 pm at the Agricultural Hall.

The show follows Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th from 11 am - 4 pm.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming show. For one thing, I can finally get out of the studio. There are about thirty five paintings and drawings ready to show. It's unfortunate this nature inspired artwork has to happen indoors. As much as I like the idea of painting outside, there are just too many distractions. It's important to strike a balance though. I love rambling around in the woods and along the shorelines. Those walks are the start of paintings.

One time I climbed up through the trees toward a ridge at the top of a mountain. It was a little off the beaten path and the sun was going down but I knew there would be enough time to stop and enjoy the view. Sure enough, it was perfect, all of it, the incredible sight line, the warm breezes and best of all, the peace and quiet. What snapped me out of this reverie was an odd munching sound. I turned in the direction of the sound and about ten feet away was the most unexpected sight. A horse. That horse was clearly as content as can be, chewing away, scanning the horizon, minding his own business and so bizarrely out of context. As it turns out, his owner was a little further along, snoozing under a tree. I'm doing a painting based on that experience - a horse at the top of a mountain. People ask where the ideas come from. I guess that's a good example of how it all pieces together.

Speaking of piecing together, MD Hennessey accepted my invitation to partner up for this show. I've always loved her art and she has a real following of fans, which is great because I'll be darned if I can figure out how to describe the work. MD calls it folk art but it's so much more than that. It's whimsical, absurd, thought provoking, delightful ... just come and see for yourself. I know she's been busy. There will be a lot of new work.

For further information please contact Leigh-Anne Maxwell mikemaxwell@shaw.ca

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