MI Emergency Program embraces social media - Tue May 7

The Mayne Island Emergency Program will hold a communications exercise on Tuesday May 7.

One of the goals of the exercise is to test the use of Facebook and Twitter as means of alerting and communicating with the community during emergencies.

If you have a Facebook and/or a Twitter account, please consider following "@SGIEmergPrg" on Twitter and watching for emergency announcements on the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Program's Facebook page.

If you take part in the exercise on May 7, please send us a tweet @SGIEmergPrg and a comment (or a "Like") on Facebook to let us know you saw our exercise announcement. That will make it possible to monitor how many people we can reach via Twitter and Facebook during emergencies and how fast we can process that information. Thank you.

For further information please contact Bernard Rochet rochet@shaw.ca

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