Mayne Island Youth Park Survey

The Mayne Island Parks & Recreation Commission has created an ad-hoc committee to determine if there is enough interest in building a new park on Mayne Island that focuses on the youth of Mayne Island residents.

Our parks have done a great job at providing locations and equipment for the little children to enjoy, but the older children are limited in outdoor activity. The initiative is to gather enough support from our community and visitors through the survey to encourage Mayne Island Parks & Recreation to support and move forward with the project. The park's focus will be on the adolescent ages of our community with skateboarding and BMX elements, as well as a hangout place for them to congregate and socialize.

Click on the following link depending on which category you are in.

Resident Youth Survey
Visitor Youth Survey
Resident Adult Survey
Visitor Adult Survey

Survey deadline May 1, 2013.

For further details about Youth Park Plans phone Christie Meers (250) 507-2761or email

We need your support creating a new Youth Park on Mayne Island!

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