Book Launch for Island Authors - Sat Apr 27

Please join Lael Whitehead, Debbie Bowles and Helen O'Brian at the Community Centre, Saturday April 27 at 4:30 pm for the joint launch of their recently published books for all ages, but particularly for children.

Lael's book, Kaya Stormchild, is a novel set in a landscape evocative of BC’s coast. It is a gripping adventure story imbued with an earth-centred spirituality.

Debbie Bowles not only illustrated Helen's book but has just published a picture book called Lucy in the Sky inspired by her love of nature and written whilst experiencing a rather challenging west coast winter in the forest.

Fin's Swim: 21 Days on the Fraser River, is a recent work of non-fiction by Helen. It is the story of marathon swimmer Fin Donnelly's 1,400 kilometer swim down the Fraser River. Natural history, ecology, European and First nations history, industry, settlement and development are woven into the adventure, giving the reader a sense of the power and importance of the river to British Columbia.

Please celebrate with us and with Fin, now an NDP Member of Parliament, who will be joining us. Delicious refreshments will be available.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

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