BC Ferries Info Session about replacing the Queen of Nanaimo - Thu Apr 25

BC Ferries will be holding information sessions around the coast and islands to discuss the proposed replacement vessel for the Queen of Nanaimo.

Of interest to Mayne Islanders will be their meeting on Mayne which will be held Thursday, April 25 2013, at the Mayne Island Community Centre from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Story boards explaining strategy, vessel design and project timelines will be supplemented with a question and answer period.

Visit www.bcferries.com beginning Monday April 22 where there will be an email address to submit comments or email Peter Simpson, Director, Fleet Operations Strategy at peter.simpson@bcferries.com

For further information please contact Elma (250) 539-5970 or bemaund@gmail.com


  1. What a super picture of the Queen: where from?


    1. It's a composite picture involving some artistic license and Photoshop. I thought the impending storm might reflect something about the upcoming issue for Gulf Island ferry users.