Officially Mayne Island - Again

Don Slinn and Jeanine Dodds posing in front of the Ag Hall
 with the official Mayne Island BC proclamation.

It's so ridiculous you wouldn't imagine it could be true. But it was.

Many years ago a simple thoughtless bureaucratic mistake recorded the official name of Mayne Island as "Mayne BC". Many Mayne Islanders have been aware of this over the years, but could never find a way through the official fog to find out why it was so, or how to get it changed back. Most of us only noticed the error when it came to receiving things from large institutions such as banks or utilities that used addressing software relying on address standards set by Canada Post. And Canada Post has insisted that the name of Mayne Island was officially Mayne BC and only Mayne BC.

When questioned, Canada Post did not even know why it was so. Bureaucrats never ask why, they only quote the rules and expect obedience. Those who did ask why in the past got nowhere. Until Don Slinn came along and wouldn't take one of those bureaucratic non-answers for an answer.

Not long after our recent address changes brought on by Canada Post's switch to new mailboxes and postal codes, there appeared to be a threat from Canada Post that if the official addressing protocol wasn't adhered to we may not receive our mail. Don thought that enough was enough and decided to go after Canada Post to call our island by it's real name, Mayne Island BC. Can you imagine not receiving a letter on Mayne Island because the word "island" was used in the address?

Don made a lot of phone calls and wrote a lot of letters before finally seeing the excuses fall away and finding that what was required was an official submission to the BC Geographical Names Office. With that knowledge and some help from our MP, MLA, the Islands Trust and our Trustee Jeanine Dodds, Mayne Island got it's name back. On November 19, 2012 the name of Mayne BC was rescinded and our island became known officially again as Mayne Island, BC.

On Wednesday, February 27th a small ceremony of recognition occurred at the regular Islands Trust meeting at the Ag Hall, where Don was presented with an official proclamation signed by our MLA and a cake was shared by attendees, featuring an image of Mayne Island on it in green icing.

Thank you Don, for finally getting us our name back and for ending this silliness.

It will likely take some time before Mayne BC is replaced in databases by Mayne Island BC. Software updates have to be made and then that software has to be adopted by the various companies and institutions that use it. As of today, the Canada Post website still shows our community name as Mayne BC. It would be interesting to hear from Canada Post about when exactly they plan to correct their database. But eventually we expect everything should be updated and we will once again be known as Mayne Island, British Columbia.

Or they may have to hear from Don Slinn again.


  1. Good for you, Don. It was a lot of work for you but the results were wonderful. Thank you.

  2. This is so silly that it reads like one of Don Slinn's April fool's day jokes -- but it's not April. Thank you Don for giving this story a happy ending.