Look Again! Family Movie Morning - Sat Jan 26

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society presents a family movie morning with Bill Maylone who, in 1990 made six short multiple-award winning films for the National Film Board targeted for primary and intermediate students.

Where: Agricultural Hall
What time: 10 am, Saturday, January 26, 2013
Admission by Donation
Free Popcorn!

The films are without dialogue and use lots of very interesting special effects. The series, called "Look Again", encourages viewers to explore, wonder, imagine, question and look again. As the two children in the films investigate a variety of natural phenomena - the seasons, physical laws such as gravity, familiar creatures, night, structures and their functions and ecological relationships - the viewers, both young and older, are invited to look more carefully and appreciate the fascinating complexity of their environment.

Bill will be present to introduce and talk about the films, show lots of behind the scenes slides, discuss how some of the unusual shots and special effects were done, and encourage participation.

Do come, with or without family, and celebrate the work (that many of us don't know) of the MayneLiner editor.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian heleno@rogers.com

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