Emergency Program Volunteer Info & Course - Wed Jan 23

Mayne Island Emergency Program
Neighbourhood Contact Information Meeting and Course.
Wednesday Jan 23, 2013,
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM,
At the MI Community Centre

All present Neighbourhood Contacts are invited, as well as anyone interested in volunteering.

Please register - call Gerrie at (250) 539-5148 home or (250) 508-3002 (cell)

The Emergency Program relies on volunteer Neighbourhood Contacts as a vital part of the program. The tasks take no more than 5 to 6 hours in a year. Most of that time can be just a conversation with your neighbours.

The Neighbourhood Contact will:
1. Maintain an up-to-date list of your neighbours’ names & phone numbers.
2. Inform the Coordinator of any changes: newcomers and those who move away.
3. In case of an incident Eg: fire, severe windstorm, heavy snowfall, extended power outage: you may receive instructions to contact residents and relay a message.

• Contacts are not responsible for organizing meetings, 1st Aid, or Evacuations
• Contacts are not responsible for going door-to-door during an evacuation
• Contacts may be requested to aid in a telephone distribution of an evacuation alert
• Your health and safety is paramount.

Volunteer Neighbourhood Contacts are urgently needed in the following neighbourhoods:
Laura Point Rd; Neil Rd; Waugh Rd west; Edith Point Rd; S. Georgina Pt Rd; Garrick Rd; Minty Dr; Sunset Dr; Felix Jack Rd; Campbell Bay Rd (lower); Fernhill Rd at Montrose and Montrose Rd; Charter Rd; Caddy Dr; Letour Rd; Wood Dale Dr. (west); Wood Dale Dr (east); Leighton Ln; Spinnaker Dr (central); Spinnaker Dr (upper & east); Dalton Dr. (upper); Mariners Way (central); Marine Dr; Gallagher Bay Rd; Purcell; Steward Dr; Beechwood Dr.

For further information please contact Gerrie Wise, Mayne Island Emergency Program Co-ordinator miepc@shaw.ca

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