Christmas Lights at the Japanese Garden

Photo courtesy of Toby Snelgrove
Over Christmas, bring family and friends to see the magical display of lights at the Japanese Gardens at Dinner Bay.

We are open every night from 5 pm to 7 pm (excepting Christmas Eve) up to and including January 1st.

Volunteers have worked hard to adorn the gardens with thousands of lights and ornaments and you experience the gardens as never before.

Come join us for hot cider, cookies and Holiday ambiance.

For further information please contact Ingrid Marsh (250) 539-5024

Christmas Eve Bonfire & Carols at Miners Bay

Photo courtesy of Toby Snelgrove
Come celebrate Christmas Eve at the bonfire at Miners Bay Park with your fellow Mayne Islanders for carol singing, cookies and good cheer. The Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce will provide hot chocolate and hot apple cider, starting sometime around 5 pm.

Correction: Apparently 5 pm is incorrect, the time to show up is 6 pm and it is reported that Santa will be in attendance.

I Live Here - stop the cuts to BC Ferries


A MANIFESTO FOR ISLANDERS: BC’s rich and storied maritime heritage is about to be scuttled by something as inelegant as bad management. 

No matter how hard the gov’t tries to ignore it, BC Ferries does not operate in a vacuum. Almost 20% of the province’s population live in ferry dependent communities making up over 35% of BC’s tax revenues. And for every slice the gov’t gouges out of BC Ferries, that piece of the tax pie grows smaller as coastal community members flee from the cuts. BC’s maritime rich and storied heritage is about to be scuttled by something as uncolourful as bad management.

"Funding for the ferry system is not a 'subsidy,' but a legitimate government contribution to essential provincial infrastructure. Ferry users have put in $5 billion (vs the Province's $1billion over the past ten years, and users are already paying 85% of operating costs; to call the provincial contribution a subsidy and to say ferry users aren't paying their own way is unfair and untrue." (islandstrust)

It is time for BC Ferries to get out from under its 650 managers with their $64 million paycheque and head on back to highways where the capital costs of the ferries can be fairly shared amongst all the citizens of BC. Before the howling begins, remember that coastal communities pay for the Sea-to-Sky Highway, they pay for snowplows on the Coquihalla, they pay for bridges and tunnels and they even pay for all those interior ferries, too.

What? Interior ferries? Yup, the $20 M per year, fresh water fleet that costs users zip, nada, nuthin’ to cross lakes encircled by highways. Island life might well be idyllic but they’re as populated by hardworking, taxpaying, community-minded folks as anywhere else in this province and islanders have as much right to live where they were born, where they were raised or where they choose to raise their families as anyone living up a mountain or at the edge of flood plain.

Geez, if you read the original press release from when BC Ferries was pushed out of the nest, you’d think anyone would be crazy NOT to live in a coastal community. “The new (BC Ferry) structure will help ensure services are delivered on time and on budget. It will create a vibrant, properly managed ferry system that improves customer service, creates new jobs for coastal communities, ensures stable rates and is sustainable for the future,” Min. of Transport Judith Reid said way back in Dec. 2002. Oh, how this new structure was going to re-energize coastal communities!

Reid said a revitalized ferry system would mean:
• Improved service and customer choice
• Guaranteed service levels and fair rates
• An independent regulator to protect the public interest
• Economic development and job creation
• Public ownership of ferry terminals
• No new public debt
• Ongoing accountability.

The coastal communities have been bleeding from the shards of the Liberal’s broken promises for years now; these cuts may well be the final coup de grace.

Translink's "Christmas Present" to Gulf Islands Ferry Travellers

Many people in the Southern Gulf Islands are trying to raise awareness of soon-to-be-implemented changes to the bus schedules for the #620 bus that meets the ferries at Tsawwassen.

Southern Gulf Islands travellers who use public transit to go from Tsawwassen on the morning ferry from the Southern Gulf Islands, Monday to Friday, the new bus transit schedule, beginning Dec. 16th, will be waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes at the ferry terminal.

The ferry from the Gulf Islands arrives at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal at 9:20 am, and passengers have been able to catch a bus at 10:00 am.  Translink has announced the cancellation of this bus. As a consequence, ferry passengers from the Gulf Islands will now have to wait until 11 am for the next bus.

Also, the return #620 bus, Monday through Friday, from Bridgeport Station to Tsawwassen has been rescheduled from 9 am to 9:45 am and now will arrive at the ferry at 10:22 am. However, the ferry will have already departed at 10:10 am. 
So, Gulf Island ferry users will now have to catch the 8 am #620 bus that arrives at the ferry terminal at 8:36 am. They will now have to wait for one hour and 36 minutes before the ferry leaves.

Those who have complained to Translink's Customer Relations have so far received a rather unsatisfactory explanation stating that Translink is "re-allocating resources to try to best meet the passenger demand".

Those who have ever taken those buses will know that they are rarely not packed to the brim with passengers and luggage. Rather than add more buses to meet demand, Translink has decided to shuffle around the buses as a stopgap to serve the passengers coming from Swartz Bay while seriously inconveniencing Gulf Island ferry users.

The Chairs of the Southern Gulf Islands Economic Development Commission and the Salt Spring Island Economic Development Commission have written a strongly worded request directly to the CEO of Translink. Since he can't be reached by email, his address is here for those who would like to write directly to him:

Ian Jarvis
Chief Executive Officer, Translink
400 - 287 Nelson's Court
New Westminster, BC  V3L 0E7

As well, copies should go to some of our political representatives:

Elizabeth May MP:

Gary Holman MLA:

Sheila Malcolmson, Islands Trust Council Chair:

David Howe, CRD Director, Southern Gulf Islands:

LATE BREAKING INFO: A town hall meeting has come together today, in collaboration with Brian Crumblehulme, the Mayne Island Residents & Ratepayers Assoc. and the Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce to discuss this issue.

Thursday December 12th, 7:30 pm, at the Ag Hall. Please attend if you can.

Update December 12th: It seems that some combination of customer feedback and behind the scenes requests from some of our political representatives has resulted in Translink reversing it's decision (for now) to cut the 620 bus.

An excerpt from one of the letters received from Translink: "As part of TransLink’s service optimization program, the 620 Tsawwassen service was proposed to be modified to better align transit service with ferry demand and provide increased capacity for the heaviest-used ferry sailings. The proposed change to remove the 10 a.m. bus service has generated many discussions and there was a strong Gulf Island community desire to maintain this service. TransLink listened and has found a solution to continue to meet the needs of Gulf Island customers. The 10 a.m. bus service on its 620 route serving the Tsawwassen ferry terminal will remain in the schedule.

We will continue to monitor the passenger demand levels and performance on this service, as we do with all services and work with stakeholders," ... etc, etc.

As many are saying, now we need to push for better bus service meeting all the ferries (not just at Tsawwassen, in my opinion) and keep this energy going in fighting against the BC Ferry cuts and fare increases.

"Wassail" Dec 22 & 23

"Wassail!" with Vox Trium & Elisabeth Jahren.

Music, Song, and Stories to drive the cold winter away!

Come a-wassailing at intermission to the Church House for complimentary cider and goodies!

St. Mary Magdalene Church, Mayne Island.

Sunday, December 22, 7:30 PM and Monday, December 23, 1:30 PM

Tickets $15. Available at Happy Tides, Miners Bay Books, and Farmgate Store.

For further information please contact Stephen (250) 539-2206

Last Minute - Merry Crafters Fair: Sun Dec 15

Come on out and get your last minute local gifts.

Sunday, December 15 - 10 am - 2 pm at the Ag Hall.

Yummy preserves, chocolates, fashionable felting, jewelry, pottery , leather, photos, cards and more...

Visit Eden's kitchen and stay awhile.

For further information please contact Glenda

Honour A Life At The Japanese Garden: Fri Dec 13

The holidays are a time of wonder but they can also be a time of challenge. For those of us who grieve the loss of loved ones or pets in our lives, a time of reflection and commemoration can bring a sense of peace into the holiday season.

The Board of Mayne Island Assisted Living would like to invite the community to join us in our second annual Honour A Life event. Please join us on Friday, December 13th from 4:30 to 6 pm at the Japanese Gardens.

For those who would like to participate, we will provide mementos that you can personalize and hang on a tree. There will be refreshments.

For further information please contact May McKenzie (250) 539-2530

Mayne Lions Club Annual Christmas Bingo: Sat Dec 14

This year, as in previous years, the Mayne Island Lions Club will hold a Bingo in the Agricultural Hall, 7:30 p.m., Saturday, December 14th, after Santa Claus leaves Miners Bay on the Santa Ship.

Bingo for the Christmas Season is presented by the Lions Club with an assist from the Agricultural Society. It is a Mayne Island tradition. Come and try your luck!

For further information please contact Allan Evans

Meredyth James Fund Trivia Night Benefit: Fri Dec 13

Illustration by Jim Traversy/Artifact Designs
Trivia Quiz Night at the Springwater Lodge, 6:30 pm Friday December 13th.

No charge to enter but donations gratefully received to benefit the Meredyth James Fund.

You will need a team of 6. Subjects will be Geography, Entertainment, Science, Arts and Literature, Sports and Mayne Island. Choose your teammates wisely!

Please contact Olly at or (250) 539-3359 to register a team or for more information.

The Meredyth James Fund is a community fund in memory of Meredyth James, that provides short-term financial support to Mayne Islanders with a critical illness.

Mayne Emergency Communications Exercise: Tue Dec 3

The Mayne Island Emergency Program will conduct a communications exercise on Tuesday December 3, starting at 3:00 pm. If you follow the SGI Facebook page or Twitter feed, or have agreed to be contacted via cell phone text messages, we hope you will be able to participate.

Cell phone text message: You will receive a text from the Mayne Island Emergency Coordinator, signalling the beginning of the exercise. Please reply with a brief note indicating you received the message.

Facebook: The SGI Emergency Coordinator will post a brief announcement at the beginning of the exercise. Please send a "Comment" about that message and indicate where you live (island & neighbourhood). Doing so in a real emergency will allow us to know about problem areas and where to focus our efforts.

Twitter: The SGI Emergency Coordinator will send a tweet at the beginning of the exercise, with hashtag "#SGIcommsXdec3." Please "Reply" to that tweet, making use of the hashtag and indicating where you live (island & neighbourhood).

Looking forward to touching base with you on December 3! Thank you for helping us get ready to help you better in emergencies.

For further information please contact Bernard Rochet

Mayne Island Library - "Reel Injun" - Fri Nov 29

Mayne Island Library Presents "Reel Injun"

. The National Film Board of Canada film traces the evolution of cinema’s depiction of Native people from the silent film era to today, with clips from hundreds of classic and recent Hollywood movies, and candid interviews with celebrated Native and non-Native film celebrities, activists, film critics and historians.

Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond takes an entertaining and insightful look at the Hollywood Indian, exploring the portrayal of North American Natives through a century of cinema.

Travelling through the heartland of America, and into the Canadian North, Diamond looks at how the myth of “the Injun” has influenced the world’s understanding – and misunderstanding – of Natives.

7:30 Friday, November 29, at the Ag Hall.

Admission and popcorn by donation.

For further information please contact David Chase

Third Annual Christmas Light Parade: Sun Dec 15

Dress up your truck, car, horse, tractor, motorcycle, bicycle or sleigh with bright colourful lights & decorations! All motorized vehicles and two or four legged creatures are welcome to join the parade, which starts at 6 pm on Sunday, December 15th.

We’ll be assembling along Fernhill Road, in front of the school, at 5 pm. The parade will proceed down Fernhill to Miners Bay and end at Maynestreet Mall with refreshments and treats for the kids and adults.

Please bring a donation of non-perishable food for the local food bank.

Call John at (250) 539-0887 or Rose at (250) 539-2820 for more information.

Santa & Mrs. Santa will be there, and we’ll be offering prizes for the best lit floats!

Sponsored by Sunny Mayne Bakery, Home Hardware, Tru Value Foods & J. Griffin Hauling.

Valdy on Mayne Island: Sat Dec 7

Mayne Island Music Society is very pleased to present Valdy on Saturday December 7 at the Ag Hall (8 pm).

Tickets: $20 available at Happy Tides, Home Hardware and Farm Gate Store.

Valdy is a Canadian music icon and we're so lucky to have him perform for us on Mayne Island. Come out and enjoy a great time.

Check out his website:

For further information please contact Kathie Warning (250) 539-2399

Birds on the Move with Bruce Whittington: Sun Dec 1

Come to the Ag Hall on Sunday December 1st at 7:30 for an illustrated talk by freelance naturalist, writer and photographer, Bruce Whittington.

Bruce observes “One of the reasons we’re so aware of birds is the fact that they are so mobile, but many of these birds move on other levels we often overlook.”

Bruce offers insights into avian behaviour gleaned from a career that includes working as an onboard naturalist for over 60 Alaska cruises and leading numerous land-based birding tours.

He is a founder and former Executive Director of Habitat Acquisition Trust in Victoria, a former Islands Trust Fund board member.

This is sure to be an absorbing evening for birders and entertaining & informative for all islanders. All welcome; admission by donation.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian or go to the MI Conservancy Society web site:

Mayne Island Speaker Series: Thu Nov 28

Don't miss Mayne Islander landscape architect, and author, Elisabeth Whitelaw, CSLA, speaking on "Designing Arctic Landscapes" this Thursday, November 28th at 7:30 pm.

Elisabeth Whitelaw worked for 25 years with the renowned landscape architect, Cornelia Hahn Obelander In addition to many high profile international projects including the breathtaking inner courtyard at the New York Times Building. This small design team completed two remarkable projects in the Canadian Arctic. Come and hear how, with innovation and research, these landscapes were created in harsh climatic conditions far from nurseries or garden centres.

Skip dessert and join us beforehand at 7 pm for coffee, tea and cake. This illustrated talk takes place at the Agricultural Hall, 430 Fernhill Road. Admission is by donation.

For further information call Mary Crumblehulme (250) 539-3027 or Brenda Webster (250) 539-3574.

Mayne Lions Present The Christmas Ship: Sat Dec 14

Photo courtesy of Steve DeRousie
Every December the Lions Christmas Ship arrives at Miners Bay, Mayne Island, on its two-day tour of the Southern Gulf Islands and the San Juans south of the border.

The Christmas ship, a.k.a "Victoria Star II" sails from Bellingham on December 14, and reaches Miners Bay at 2:45 pm. It brings Santa Claus and his helpers, fifty-five Lions from various Lions clubs who have volunteered -- and paid for -- the chance to sail with Santa, and help him present gifts to the children and to the elderly, who are not overlooked.

The Mayne Island Lions Club is proud to support this visit. Bring your children and grandchildren as well as yourselves. See Mayne Lions Club members dressed as reindeer and Mayne Volunteer Firemen dressed as firemen! There will be cookies and cocoa free at the Miners Bay dock for everyone who comes to greet Santa. The Santa Ship leaves from Mayne Island for Galiano at 4 pm.

For further information please contact Allan Evans

Adult Table Tennis Starting Fri Nov 15

Come out and have some fun every Friday afternoon from 3 PM to 5 PM in the school gym. It's a lot of fun and a great cardio workout! All playing levels are invited to join.

Table Tennis is every Friday until May and membership is only $10 for the entire season. Hope to see you there.

For further information please contact Frankie Gowing

Spiders of British Columbia: Sat Nov 16

Join Robb Bennett from the BC Museum in the Ag Hall on Saturday Nov 16th at 2 pm for an illustrated seminar on the Spiders of British Columbia. Robb will discuss the general biology and natural history of spiders and will introduce you to a range of interesting British Columbia spiders. Attendees will also learn about the Royal BC Museum’s current research documenting the province’s spider fauna diversity.

For more about the Spiders talk please visit

Got a spider you've never before? Bring it along & be introduced!

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

Silver Maynes Annual Christmas Dinner: Sat Dec 7

The Silver Maynes will hold its annual Christmas Dinner at the Mayne Island School, Saturday, December 7th. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

It's a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, which is free for members paid up for 2013. However members should be sure to make a reservation in advance so that we can have a place set for you. Contact Kit Mitchell ( to reserve a place.

This is a opportunity to enjoy a Christmas dinner together, followed by a chance to sing the old familiar Christmas carols and winter songs. For those who have let their membership lapse, some 2013 memberships may still be available. Contact Neil Howard,

For further information please contact Kit

Help us reach you faster in emergencies

In order to keep you informed quickly and efficiently, the Southern Gulf Islands/Mayne Island Emergency Program issues emergency alerts and bulletins when a disaster or emergency is occurring. By signing up to receive those bulletins directly, you will be better informed about potential risks to your safety, and about ways to protect yourself and your family and community (e.g., whether to leave your home or avoid some areas, where a reception centre is located, etc.).

There are presently three ways to sign up to receive alerts directly on your phone or computer: Facebook, Twitter and cell phone text messages. You may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Facebook: If you are a Facebook member, visit the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency page at . Log in to your Facebook account and "Like" the SGI Emergency page to see alerts in your news feed. If you are not a Facebook member, please consider opening an account to receive emergency alerts; go to

Twitter: If you have a Twitter account you can choose to "Follow" the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency account . If you do not have a Twitter account, please consider opening one at .

Cell phone texting: If you are interested in receiving text messages during emergencies (and if you have not already done so), please email your cell phone number to Gerrie Wise at along with your street address. Knowing your address makes it possible for us to send messages only to the people concerned when an emergency affects a small area (e.g., evacuation for a single neighbourhood during a small fire or a hazardous material spill). Also indicate whether you are willing to receive text messages during emergency communications exercises; we hold 2 such exercises a year to make sure that all our systems are operating properly.

Thank you for helping us help you!

For further information please contact Bernard Rochet

New To You: Thu Nov 14

What? New To You

When? Thursday, November 14, 10 AM - 1 PM

Where? St Mary Magdalene Church House

Come and find some (New to You) fall and winter clothing, enjoy complementary coffee and muffins and a bit of a visit with friends old and new.

There will be the usual good selection of women's and men's clothing and jewellery. Muffins will also be available for purchase.

Your patronage is appreciated as the proceeds will help support those less fortunate through Women's Auxilliary donations to outreach programs.

Donations will be accepted at the Church House on Monday, November 4 at 2 PM (regular meeting), Sunday, November 3 and 10 until 12 Noon and Wednesday, November 13 at 2 PM. Call Peggy at (250) 539-3184 for alternate arrangements.

We look forward to seeing you on November 14th!

For further information please contact Mairi (250) 539-5418

Gulf Islands Sailings Cancellation Information

While the Queen of Nanaimo (Route 9) is undergoing repairs of the damage suffered in Village Bay during last Saturday's high winds and waves, all Gulf Islands traffic will be via the larger vessels (Route 1) to and from the Mainland and Swartz Bay.

BC Ferries have advised they will honour reservations previously made for Route 9 during the period the Nanaimo is out of service, expected to be at least one week. Reservation holders will need the Reservation (Confirmation) Number at both terminals (Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay).

For travellers going to the Mainland from Village Bay, or any Gulf Island Port, ask for a Thru Pass (Purple) at check in at the Island Terminal and be prepared to show this Thru Pass before boarding the larger vessel at Swartz Bay. There is no extra charge for Gulf Island reservations.

For further information, please call BC Ferries information line at 1-250-223-3779.

Please note there will be extra sailings for the up-coming Remembrance Day long weekend.

Elma Maund
Chair, Local Ferry Advisory Committee
(250) 539-5970 or email

MayneNews note: BC Ferries has posted some pertinent information on their web site:

 • A list of additional sailings planned for the Remembrance day long weekend can be viewed here.

 • A list of measures have been put in place to facilitate alternate service for travellers to and from the Gulf Islands, including free reservations for through-fare passengers. They can be viewed here.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program: Wed Nov 6

You can live a healthy life with chronic pain. Understand and manage symptoms. Deal with stress and difficult emotions. Learn to safely maintain physical activity and improve flexibility. Communicate effectively with your health care team.

Free six session workshop for adults with any kind of ongoing pain. Family members and friends welcome. Facilitated by Nurse Practitioner Leanne Rowand.

Starting: November 6th to December 18th, six Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m - 12:00 p.m. at the Church House. Registration required, call 1-866-902-3767 or email

For further information please contact Leanne Rowand (250) 539-2312

2013 Artisan Christmas Craft Tour: Nov 8 - 10

Get all your Christmas shopping done this November 8, 9 and 10 at numerous artisan locations around Mayne Island.

Get your brochure/map from local shops and artisans or download it below. Merry Shopping!

For further information please contact Barbara McIntyre
Brochure/Map: Click on image to view larger, 
then right-click "save image" to download

Coming to a Beach Near You? GIA Lecture: Fri Nov 8

Formed in 2006, the Gulf Islands Alliance is a non-profit, grassroots organization of islanders dedicated to preserving our fragile environment, protecting our small rural communities and ensuring that the Islands Trust mandate is effectively implemented. Several Board members are former Islands Trust trustees.

Because the threat to the foreshore of the Gulf Islands concerns most residents, GIA is sponsoring a six-day, six-island speaking tour by the Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards to inform people about the unregulated growth of the shellfish industry and the environmental problems they have faced in Baynes Sound.

Please join us on Friday, November 8, at 2 pm at the Church House for an eye-opening Powerpoint presentation by Shelley McKeachie, spokesperson for ADIMS. Admission is free. Refreshments and discussion afterwards.

For further information please contact Marie,

Mayne School PAC Bottle Drive: Wed Oct 30

Bring your returnables to the Mayne Island Recycling Centre on Wed Oct 30, 2013 between 10 am and 2 pm and support Mayne School's education and activities!

Can't get to recycle that day? No worries, phone Christie Meers (250) 507-2761 or email to arrange for a pick up!

For further information please contact Christie Meers

Fashion Show - Fundraiser for MIALS: Sat Nov 2

The Tree Frog Gallery is pleased to do a fashion show as a fund raiser for the Mayne Island Assisted Living Society on November 2, 2013. The event will be held at the Mayne School. Bring your partners with you. The more tickets sold, the more funds raised for the Society.

There will be a 50/50 draw, raffle draws for items donated by suppliers to the Tree Frog Gallery, wine bar and refreshments.

Come and see the new styles and colours for winter. Featuring men's, women's and young girl fashions.

Transportation can be arranged by calling the Mayne Island Community Bus at 250-539-0851 or 250-539-9876.

Doors will open at 7 PM, and the fashion show will commence at 7:30 PM.

Tickets are $15.00 and are available at the Tree Frog Gallery.

For further information please contact Bob Boettcher (250) 539-3551

Stripes: The Mystery Circus - Fri Nov 8th

Mayne Island Little Theatre is proud to sponsor Stripes: The Mystery Circus — a play with songs.

Written and performed by Sarah Hayward, this unique one-woman show is about an audition for the circus that humorously and touchingly goes awry. People-pleasing Pollyhymnia will do anything to get into the circus as she brazenly re-invents eight out-of-this-world circus acts including The Two-Headed Lady, The Bittersweet Bearded Lady and The High Wire Act.

Sarah is connected to Mayne Island through her brother Bill Hayward and her many Mayne Island friends. She has toured Stripes through the Canadian Fringe Festival Circuit, the New York Fringe and show cased at the Edinburgh Festival. The show has also had professional productions across Canada. Reviews can be seen on Sarah’s website/blog:

Date: Friday November 8th; 8 pm at the Ag Hall

Tickets: $20 – on sale at Home Hardware and Farm Gate Store.

Not suitable for children under the age of 15.

For further information please contact Carol Munro

Mayne Island Lions Charter Night: Sat Nov 9

The Mayne Island Lions Club will celebrate its 42nd Charter Night with a dinner and dance at the Mayne Island School. You do not have to be a Mayne Lions Club member to join us for Charter Night.

Buy a ticket ($25.00 each) from Rob or Karen Noyes at the Mayne Island Home Hardware on Fernhill Road. Enjoy a roast beef dinner, and entertainment by the Mayne Island Little Theatre. Dance to the music of Bob Connolly.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m., November 9th. Lions and Friends of the Lions alike: You are very welcome!

For further information please contact Allan Evans

Updating the 2014 Mayne Island Phone Book

What is the most important book on your book shelf? Why, of course, it is the Lions Mayne Island Phone Book!

We want the phone book to be perfect so we need you to stand up right this moment, get out your 2013 phone book and check your listing. If there is a mistake or if, egad, your name is not listed here is what you need to do: turn to page 44 of the 2013 book and rip (yes rip) out the whole page; correct any errors, add your e-mail address if it is missing; fill in the whole page if we don't have you listed.

If you do not have a phone book or page 44 is gone, you can pick up a blank form at the Trading Post.

Please submit a form only if there any changes from 2013, or new listings. You don't need to submit anything if the listing is to remain the same.

Then you have two options: you can take the completed page and drop it in the box at the Trading Post or you can mail the page to 615 Williams Place, Mayne Island, V0N 2J2. All changes and additions must be submitted by January 6, 2014.

For further information please contact Judi Walker

Family Resource Centre Arrives on Mayne: Tue Oct 29

Salt Spring Island Community Services, in partnership with Mayne Island Strong Start program & Mayne School, will be offering a Family Resource Centre every other Tuesdays in the Strong Start Room at the school.

The drop in hours are 1 to 4 pm, where you will be able to find printed resources covering a diversity of information that is in support of families of all ages.

Cindy Clark, SSI Family Counsellor, will be on site during the drop in hours to distribute the resources and find out what other resources can be brought in to better serve the needs of your community. The next drop in date will be on Tuesday October 29th. Hope to see you there.

For further information please contact Cindy Clark

The LTC Wants To Hear From You!

Recently, the owners of the Oceanwood Country Inn at Dinner Bay submitted a re-zoning application to the local Trust Committee (LTC), requesting the appropriate zoning to build a Senior’s Supported Living facility at the Oceanwood site.

About the Oceanwood Proposal: Depending on demand, the owners plan to build (in stages) up to 37 handicapped accessible, one bedroom and one bedroom den residences - all with ocean views, a full bathroom and kitchenette. It is proposed that an all-inclusive monthly rental fee will include services typically offered in supportive living housing. Details of the proposed facility can be seen at:

Following a public presentation of the Oceanwood application, the LTC decided to gauge the level of demand for such a facility. A survey, conducted by an independent consulting firm (Munro & Associates) is intended to do that. At this point, surveys have been mailed to every Mayne Island homeowner.

The survey can also be completed by any Mayne Island homeowner or renter online at

Please take a few minutes to complete a survey for your household before October 31st - and help the LTC to make a well-informed decision on behalf of all Mayne Islanders!

For further information please contact Carol Munro

Anny Scoones reads from new book: Sun Oct 20

Library Author reading: Well known Gulf Islands and Victoria author Anny Scoones will read from her new book, "Hometown: Out and about in Victoria's Neighbourhoods" at a special author reading on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 2 pm in the Library. All welcome. Free!

For further information please contact Ed Pedersen

Library Movie Night "Stories We Tell": Fri Oct 18

Mayne Island Library presents a public screening of the National Film Board new release, “Stories We Tell”.

In this inspired, genre-twisting new film, Oscar-nominated writer/director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who’s telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. She playfully interrogates a compelling cast of characters, eliciting candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions. Polley unravels the paradoxes to reveal the essence of family: always complicated, warmly messy and fiercely loving.

7:30 pm Friday, October 18, at the Ag Hall.

Admission and popcorn by donation.

For further information please contact David Chase

Dance to Saltchuck Highway: Fri Oct 25

A Little Dancing in the Fall. Saltchuck Highway at the Mayne Island Agricultural Hall on Friday October 25th.

Doors at 7 pm, dancing at 8 pm

Tickets $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in free.

Come out for a fun community dance!

For further information please contact Lou Keating

Firefighter's Oktoberfest Fundraiser: Sat Oct 19

Come celebrate Oktoberfest, Mayne Island style at the second annual Mayne Island Volunteer Firefighters Association Oktoberfest.

Saturday October 19th at the Community Centre. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Tickets are $20.00 and include sausage, fresh made pretzel and a beer. Firefighter glass steins will be on sale (With one beer included).

Prizes will be awarded for best stein, best lederhosen, best fräulein, best yodel and for the first time on Mayne Island...(that we know of) the pickle eating contest!

Additional food and beer tickets for sale at the festivities. Vote for your favourite style of sausage. Beer from Phillips brewery, sausages from Farm Gate and the Bowen Butcher Shop, pretzels from Sunny Mayne Bakery.

Come with an appetite!

Tickets are available at Sunny Mayne Bakery, the Mayne Island Building Centre and at the door.

Let us drive you home! Mayne Island Community Bus and firefighters will drive you home.

For further information please contact Bill Jamieson (250) 539-3437

Tree Planting at Bennett Bay: Thu Oct 24

On October 24th and 25th from 10 am to 4 pm the Mayne Island Conservancy and Parks Canada will be planting trees as part of the ecosystem restoration work at Bennett Bay. We will be planting arbutus, Garry oak, big-leaf maple, red alder, and Douglas fir.

Come join us for a fun day! All tools and training will be provided. Please bring water and appropriate clothing/footwear. Please RSVP because we will be supplying a light lunch. Look forward to seeing you there!

For further information please contact Rob Underhill

Henderson Hill Ecosystem Restoration: Fri Oct 18

Join the Mayne Island Conservancy staff and volunteers for a fun afternoon outside from 2 pm to 4 pm. We will be removing young broom from the Vulture Ridge, which is starting to show promising signs of recovery. With many native wildflowers blooming last spring, I expect we will get quite a show in the spring of 2014!

Yearly maintenance is a crucial part of managing Scotch broom. This year we have an opportunity to complete our maintenance work early so we can move on to removing mature broom at previously unmanaged sites.

We will meet at the trailhead kiosk at 2pm. Please RSVP so we know you're coming!

For further information please contact Rob Underhill

Monday Painters at Fernhill Centre: Fri Oct 11

Opening Friday October 11, 2013, 7:00 - 9:00 PM at Fernhill Centre. Exhibition October 11 - 13.

This year, the Monday Painters are trying something new. We're changing our location, as the library just doesn't have enough room for all our paintings. Please join us in celebration of this year's offerings. Lots of painters and lots of paintings to see.

For further information please contact Bev Whitney (250) 539-2764

Pearl Django: Fri Oct 11

The Mayne Island Music Society is pleased to present Pearl Django on Friday, October 11 at the Ag Hall.

Time: Doors open 7 pm / Show starts 7:30 pm

Tickets available at Happy Tides, Home Hardware & Farm Gate Store (children under 12 free).

We're very honoured to have a group of this calibre -- please come out and join us for a wonderful evening!

For further information please contact Don (250) 539-5456

MIHCA - Exercise Control over Arthritis: Wed Oct 16

Mayne Island Health Centre Association invites you to attend our next Health Education Series talk on Wednesday, October 16th at the Agricultural Hall, 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Cari Taylor, an educator from The Arthritis Society, will be speaking on "Exercise Control over Arthritis".

Come and learn how you can help your arthritis or prevent it through proper use of exercise.

Refreshments will be served. Donations accepted. See you there!

For further information please contact: Sharon Bunnin (250) 539-2311

Mayne Island Speaker Series: Thu Oct 3

The Mayne Island Speaker Series presents award-winning filmmaker Lisa Jackson and her 2013 documentary "How A People Live".

The film tells the story of how the Gwa'sala-Nakwaxda'xw First Nations were forcibly relocated from their traditional territories on the B.C. coast to Port Hardy.

Thursday, October 3rd at 7:30 p.m.
Agricultural Hall, 430 Fernhill Road.
Admission by donation.
Doors open at 7 pm.
Please join us before the screening for coffee, tea and dessert.

For further information please contact Mary Crumblehulme (250) 539-3027

ESS: Neighbours helping Neighbours: Wed Oct 2

Join us at Mayne Island Community Centre on Wednesday Oct 2 – 9 AM to 3 PM.
 Information, free course & demonstration of our Emergency Support Services & Reception Centre.

Lunch included – come & bring a friend.

Open to existing Emergency Program members and all those thinking about becoming a volunteer.

To register or for further Information, please call Gerrie (250) 539-5148

Please note: Those with food sensitivities or allergies may need to bring their own food. Please call.

Mayne Island Emergency Program steps up to help others in an emergency or disaster. The program encompasses planning, preparation and response. Mayne Island has an effective working plan and through training and exercises, as well as public education, continues preparation. The response portion of the program is mostly the function of ESS, the Emergency Support Service.

ESS assists those who have had to leave their homes because of fires, earthquakes, severe weather or other emergency or disaster. Join this vital response team who are guided by a desire to help their community during times of difficulty.

We are looking for caring, resourceful people who are interested in meeting the rewarding challenges of becoming an Emergency Support Services volunteer.

You may work at the disaster site, reception centres or the Community Coordination Centre as part of the Mayne Island Emergency Support Services team and the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Program.

• learn important new skills and apply that knowledge to helping others
• make a positive impact in the lives of people affected by an emergency
• challenge yourself in aid of others
• be rewarded by the knowledge that you are playing a vital role in helping to keep your community safe and resilient.
• receive Volunteer Welcome Kit
• Full training is provided

Close to Home: films of Phillip Borsos - Oct 4 & 5

Please join this two evening celebration of the films of Phillip Borsos. Not only was Phillip a brilliant Canadian film director but he was also a Mayne Islander, owner of Hardscrabble Farm until his death in 1995 at the all too young age of 41.

Friday October 4 The Grey Fox, the story of the old stagecoach bandit Bill Miner, will be screened along with two of Phillip's short industrial films.

On Saturday October 5 don't miss Far From Home: the Adventures of Yellow Dog, much of it filmed here on Mayne Island. For a time in 1994 Phillip and his crew made this quiet island feel like the centre of the film world.

Phillip's brother Jeremy will introduce the films and Mayne Islanders who were involved in and/or have memories of those Yellow Dog days will undoubtedly have memories to share.

Both night's screenings will be at the Ag Hall at 7:30 pm.

For further information please contact Helen

Mayne Island Choir Meets Again

The Community Choir is rehearsing every Wednesday in the Community Centre at 7:00 pm - first get-together of the season will be Wednesday September 25th.

If you love to sing you are welcome - we do 3 and 4 part music and we do read from scores, however sight reading ability is not required. Plenty of single part coaching will be done and practice files (MIDI or MP3) will be made available.

Before we get down to learning some new Christmas pieces we are going to do a "Singalong" Sound of Music - with orchestral accompaniment. We'll also hit the song sheets used at the Christmas Eve Miners Bay bonfire.

All voices are welcome - just turn up at the Community Centre at 7:00 Wednesday September 25th, or any subsequent Wednesday for that matter.

Contact Alan Ryder for more info (250-539-2673 or - if I have notice I can try to ensure music is available for you.

Fall Tai Chi Session Begins Mon Sep 30

Fall Classes begin September 30th.

You’ve thought about taking or returning to Tai Chi classes?
Want a gentle exercise that improves your balance, improves your health?
Need to learn something new to stimulate your brain?

Come join us for Tai Chi on Mondays at the Community Centre.
Experienced 9:30 - 10:30, Beginners 10:45 – 11:45
$25 for the Fall Session (9 or 10 lessons) or $5 drop-in fee.
Fall Session begins Monday, September 30.
For more information or to register contact Dell at (250) 539-3351 or

Tai Chi is a Chinese ancient martial art based on Qigong and “internal” or soft style. There are several styles of Tai Chi. The Yang style postures are wide and comfortable. Yang style is more suitable for common people with no martial art training. In Yang style Tai Chi, the structure is not strict and demanding, the body is upright, and the movements are smooth, light, agile and rooted. Yang style 24 Form was created in China in 1956. It is a simplified form that contains all the essential principles of the 108 Form. This shortened form reduces the time required to learn the exercise. It is a nice introductory Form.

Mayne Island Shoreline Atlas: Sat Sep 28

At the Local Trust Committee Community Information Meeting, biologist Leanna Boyer, will present field work done by the Mayne Island Conservancy Society in the winter of 2012.

Come and learn how the Shoreline Atlas can be used by the community to prepare for climate change related impacts to shorelines.

3 - 5 pm, Saturday, September 28th.
Mayne Island Ag Hall, 430 Fernhill Rd.

To view atlas online go to:

For further information please contact Leanna Boyer

Photos from the Mayne Island Terry Fox run

Toby Snelgrove has posted his images from last weekend's Mayne Island Terry Fox run on his Mayne Island photo web site. They are available on Toby's web site for anyone to view and download.

Terry Fox run photos on Toby's photo site.

Take a look and see if your picture or your friend's are included.

Grant Buday Author Reading: Sat Sep 21

Mayne Islander, Grant Buday, will be reading from some of his works at 4 pm, Saturday, September 21st at the Mayne Island Library.

He is the author of eight books. Two of his works, White Lung and Monday Night Man have been nominated for the City of Vancouver Book Prize. A selection of his novel White Lung won the Fiction Category of the 1997 Western Magazine Awards. His writing has appeared in subTerrain, Vancouver Review and most recently, Canadian Notes and Queries.

For six years, he taught English at Kwantlen University College and Langara College in Vancouver. He has lived on Mayne Island for eleven years.

For further information please contact David Chase