Resistance & Revelation through Play - Jan 11-13

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Inviting Revelation & Resistance Through Play: A unique blend of clown and body-based release & sensation work.

For actors/non-actors, the inquisitive, the curious & the creators in life and art.

Mayne Island Community Centre
Jan. 11, 6 - 10
Jan. 12, 11 - 5
Jan. 13, 12 - 4

We will explore and embody:

• the many roles / masks / identities / emotions / patterns we carry in our bodies
• the quirks and delights of our humanness; things that frustrate, sadden, tickle, and elate us
• the process of letting go/lightening-up physically and emotionally
• our relationship to our own delight and sharing that with others
• the difference between contact and connection

This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to bring more presence, flexibility and possibly even humour into their daily life, creative process, work and relationships. This work is also valuable for performers interested in exploring humour, character creation, presence and connection; however, it is not expressly for performers.

This course will draw on various clown techniques (including material from David MacMurray Smith, Richard Pochinko and John Turner) and various body based approaches to emotions, sensation, and release (including Reichian and Somatic Experiencing Therapy).

Cost: $80-$200 (this is a sliding scale based on the fact that we come from different economic situations, if the sliding scale still seems challenging don’t hesitate to contact Lisa).

Please contact Lisa Voth to reserve a space, or (778) 319-5928. Space limited to 12, so reserve early!

See Lisa's web site, and Facebook page,

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