BC Ferries Consultation Meeting - Mon Dec 3

Mon Dec 3
5 - 8 PM
at the Mayne Island Community Centre

The government is seeking input from all coastal communities on how to make several million dollars in cuts to the service. This is our chance to offer our opinions. There will be some innovative presentations from Mayne Islanders showing positive ways that costs could be trimmed while providing additional benefits to our island communities.

For more information and to fill out an online survey go to coastalferriesengagement.ca

Brian Dearden on CKNW discussing the Ferries

Below is an audio clip from the Tuesday November 27th edition of the Bill Good Show on CKNW featuring Mayne Island's Brian Dearden and another guest discussing the upcoming consultations with BC Ferries over cost-costing. Although constrained by time, Brian discusses some ideas that will be presented at the meeting here on Monday.

Check this out on Chirbit : This audio ©CKNW : Use of this clip for news reporting only.

A note about this audio clip: Brian is continually referred to by the host as a "Member of the Islands Trust" but he is not, it was a mistake in the information provided by his staff. Brian is an active member of the Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce and has been involved in the ferry issue. See Brian's excellent commentary on the issue published in the November MayneLiner and republished here on MayneNews. LINK

I wanted to find a CKNW link that I could post or embed here that would provide this audio, but I couldn't find a link on the CKNW web site to anything other than a link to download the full audio of Hour 2 of the Bill Good show, which includes a discussion unrelated to the ferry issue. Link to download full audio. The audio posted here includes only the ferry discussion portion and is posted here to provide information to the local community.

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