BC Buy Local Week - Dec 3 -9

A little late with this post (that is the sleepy Mayne Island way, of course) but the Province of British Columbia has announced that this week is the first annual Buy Local Week.

As many know we have our own little campaign here on Mayne Island called "Shop Mayne Island First". You may have seen our graphic in the MayneLiner or on the door of one of your local businesses.

Shopping local is an extremely powerful act and the effect can be magnified in smaller communities like ours. Here's some info from the Buy Local week campaign:

Some people think that shopping local is kind of an act of charity they're doing. "If I support my local business it might cost me a little more than going to a big chain store in town, but I'll consider it a donation." But really when the benefits of supporting local businesses pay everyone back who values having an economically strong and viable community, it can just as well be seen as an investment in one's own self interest. Can we imagine what our island life would be like if our local businesses couldn't survive?

Island communities like Mayne are very tough places to make a living when the tourists aren't around (not that it's a piece of cake in the summer either), but right now is a big challenge for our local retailers and services. Fortunately the holiday season is a time when everyone needs to spend a little on gifts and extra things and at lot of that can be purchased right here on Mayne Island.

Of course we can't buy everything we need here, but even spending a few more dollars than we currently do on Mayne can have a large effect if more people participate.

So think about Shopping Mayne Island First. When you've got something you need to buy the answer doesn't necessarily involve a ferry trip.

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  1. THANKS for this. Local businesses appreciate any help they can get.