Mayne Island featured in Roots Canada's holiday promotion

Roots Canada's promotion for the holiday season is called "Happy Holidays from the West Coast" and features some nice photography and video of Mayne Island in use all over the Roots web site, blog, videos and some print advertising I've seen.

Normally MayneNews sticks to strictly non-profit postings, but the great thing about this is that Roots credits Mayne Island on their web site and video and even provides a link to the BC Government Tourism web site. Most advertisers would have kept the location anonymous, so this provides some much-needed promotion for our island and tourist economy. Definitely a benefit for Mayne Island. Thanks Roots.

If you can't read the text in the photo here, taken from the Roots Canada web site, it says: "Historic Mayne Island is a quiet, pastoral, and unspoiled refuge at the outer edge of the southern Gulf Islands. Named one of the world's best coastal destinations by National Geographic Traveler in 2010."

Colleen Wadsworth reports that the photo shoot was on Mayne during the second week of October and the large group stayed at both the Mayne Island Resort and the Blue Vista. The group included Diane Bald who is Roots Canada's head designer and spouse of Roots co-founder Michael Budman as well as a representative of Tourism British Columbia. Colleen says she's a Roots junkie so she was "over the moon" the meet Diane and said the visitors were a fantastic group.

View the YouTube video that's posted to the Roots web site below:


  1. Like! I recognize everything in the video. I've seen the house kayaking around the point clockwise from Georgina Point.