Bob Harlow's new novel launch at the Community Centre - Sun Nov 18

On Sunday November 18th at 7:30 pm at the Community Centre Robert Harlow will talk about, as well as read from, Faraday Comes Home, his ninth novel (the other eight are in the Mayne Library and at Miners Bay Books).

Jamie Faraday was a WWll bomber pilot, then a bush pilot who ran his own air service out of Odgertown in Northern B.C. His long life has, since 1944, been scarred, unbeknownst to him, by what is now called PTSD. At 80, he contends with failures in love as well as with an unconscious need to go back to the war he hasn't been able to return from and to take possession of it . He also lives with both the light and the dark experiences of becoming old.

Mark your calendar: Faraday Comes home 7:30 November 18th at the Community Centre.

For further information please contact Bob Harlow (250) 539-3001.

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