Blast from the past: The Real World - 2001

I'm often looking around the internet for things that mention "Mayne Island" and sometimes find some surprising stuff.

Recently, I discovered that somebody had done a video of the performance of the Mayne Island Little Theatre's production of "The Real World 2001: A Mayne Island Odyssey" and posted it in parts on YouTube. I watched the whole thing and was laughing out loud at a lot of the jokes. It was great seeing all these Mayne Islanders from 11 years ago.

The story follows a hapless cycle tourist visiting our fair island and seeing what life is really like here in paradise.

The huge cast listed on the final video was: May McKenzie, Carol McAndrew, Kris Sigurdson, Marc Parthew, Bill Bender, Margaret Hammer, Brian Crumblehulme, Bernadette Hennebery, Janine Chambers, Peter Judd, Val Somerville, Barbara Ross, Rosalie Ripley, Mary Crumblehulme, Helen O'Brian, Glenda Goodman, Lael Whitehead, Don Grant, Ann Johnston, Janet Guy, Katja Korinth, Ben (?), Mary Ali, Cliff Driver, Beverley Graham, Alan Weeks, Kevin Dean, Tony Mitchell, Glen Wilson, Ted Burden, Barb Edwards, Nan Shurvell, Bob Harlow, Sally Ireland, Moira McCulloch, Peter Williams.

Written by Carol McAndrew & Gail Noonan.

I've embedded all the videos I could find below, but for some reason part 2 seems to be missing. If anyone knows where that can be found, let me know and I'll try and add it here. Sit back and watch them all. Remember to click the little "full screen" button on the bottom right of each video to get the full effect. Enjoy!

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  1. I think these were all posted by Marc Parthew, if so he should get credit. You can find part 2 on his "Channel" on Youtube.