Santa Ship Arrives at Miners Bay - Sat Dec 8

Once again in 2012, the Mayne Island Lions Club is sponsoring the "Santa Ship" which sails from Bellingham to the Southern Gulf Islands bearing gifts, and Santa Claus himself.

The Santa Ship is scheduled to arrive at Miners Bay, Mayne Island, shortly after 2:30 pm on Saturday, December 8th.

The Mayne Island Volunteer Fire Department will provide transportation for Santa from the pier at Miners Bay to the Ag Hall where Santa will greet the Mayne Island children and hand out gifts.

For further information please contact Allan

Below is a slide show of photos from the 2011 Santa Ship event (and earlier years) taken by Brian Haller.

Lions Club Christmas Bingo - Sat Dec 8

The Mayne Island Lions Club will hold its annual Christmas Turkey Bingo on Saturday, December 8 in the Agricultural Hall, 7 pm.

December 8th is the day that the Santa Ship, also sponsored by the Lions, arrives from Bellingham, and after Santa has sailed away to his next port-of-call, the Lions will set up the Ag Hall for bingo.

Here's your chance to win a turkey for Christmas!

For further information please contact Allan

Compassion Gorilla - Live Music - Sat Nov 24

Compassion Gorilla presents their new album "Volta! Volta!"

With an opening performance by Myriam Parent.

Mayne Island Community Centre

Saturday November 24th

Doors at 7:30 pm
 - Show at 8:00

Admission $10

From Victoria BC, Compassion Gorilla brings a unique concoction of world beat, latin folk, dub and psychedelic music. The band wraps audiences in a spell of dance, magic and melody with racy horn lines, brazen guitar harmonies, driving hand-percussion rhythms, thick bass lines, and full-bodied vocal harmonies. Now touring in support of their new album, "Volta! Volta!"

View their web site:

For further information please contact Chris Fretwell

Blast from the past: The Real World - 2001

I'm often looking around the internet for things that mention "Mayne Island" and sometimes find some surprising stuff.

Recently, I discovered that somebody had done a video of the performance of the Mayne Island Little Theatre's production of "The Real World 2001: A Mayne Island Odyssey" and posted it in parts on YouTube. I watched the whole thing and was laughing out loud at a lot of the jokes. It was great seeing all these Mayne Islanders from 11 years ago.

The story follows a hapless cycle tourist visiting our fair island and seeing what life is really like here in paradise.

The huge cast listed on the final video was: May McKenzie, Carol McAndrew, Kris Sigurdson, Marc Parthew, Bill Bender, Margaret Hammer, Brian Crumblehulme, Bernadette Hennebery, Janine Chambers, Peter Judd, Val Somerville, Barbara Ross, Rosalie Ripley, Mary Crumblehulme, Helen O'Brian, Glenda Goodman, Lael Whitehead, Don Grant, Ann Johnston, Janet Guy, Katja Korinth, Ben (?), Mary Ali, Cliff Driver, Beverley Graham, Alan Weeks, Kevin Dean, Tony Mitchell, Glen Wilson, Ted Burden, Barb Edwards, Nan Shurvell, Bob Harlow, Sally Ireland, Moira McCulloch, Peter Williams.

Written by Carol McAndrew & Gail Noonan.

I've embedded all the videos I could find below, but for some reason part 2 seems to be missing. If anyone knows where that can be found, let me know and I'll try and add it here. Sit back and watch them all. Remember to click the little "full screen" button on the bottom right of each video to get the full effect. Enjoy!

Library Movie Night - Fri Nov 23

The Mayne Island Library presents, "The Boxing Girls of Kabul" this Friday at 7:30 pm at the Agricultural Hall.

The movie tells the story of a group of young Afghani women who are determined to become world class boxers with the absence of even the most basic facilities. The camera lets you follow the personal lives of these girls for a whole year, so you can gain an inside look at the daily struggles as they try to change deep rooted social values while maintaining their loyalty to their country and society.

Admission and popcorn by donation.

For further information please contact David Chase (250) 539-3084

Broom Removal Volunteer Event - Wed Nov 21

The Mayne Island Conservancy's next broom removal event will be at Henderson Park, Mayne Island, on November 21st from 1 pm - 3 pm.

We will meet at the parking lot by the kiosk. If you are unsure of how to get there please let us know.

This is a great chance to get to know/enjoy Henderson Park and have some interesting conversations, all while getting some exercise.

Please RSVP to or phone the office at (250) 539-5168.

We will provide all tools needed, we just ask that you bring suitable clothing, footwear, and water.

We would love to get some more volunteers out to our events, so if you know of anyone who might be interested please pass this on. Thanks!

For further information please contact Lauren

Mayne Island featured in Roots Canada's holiday promotion

Roots Canada's promotion for the holiday season is called "Happy Holidays from the West Coast" and features some nice photography and video of Mayne Island in use all over the Roots web site, blog, videos and some print advertising I've seen.

Normally MayneNews sticks to strictly non-profit postings, but the great thing about this is that Roots credits Mayne Island on their web site and video and even provides a link to the BC Government Tourism web site. Most advertisers would have kept the location anonymous, so this provides some much-needed promotion for our island and tourist economy. Definitely a benefit for Mayne Island. Thanks Roots.

If you can't read the text in the photo here, taken from the Roots Canada web site, it says: "Historic Mayne Island is a quiet, pastoral, and unspoiled refuge at the outer edge of the southern Gulf Islands. Named one of the world's best coastal destinations by National Geographic Traveler in 2010."

Colleen Wadsworth reports that the photo shoot was on Mayne during the second week of October and the large group stayed at both the Mayne Island Resort and the Blue Vista. The group included Diane Bald who is Roots Canada's head designer and spouse of Roots co-founder Michael Budman as well as a representative of Tourism British Columbia. Colleen says she's a Roots junkie so she was "over the moon" the meet Diane and said the visitors were a fantastic group.

View the YouTube video that's posted to the Roots web site below:

Silver Maynes Christmas Dinner - Sat Dec 1

Silver Maynes: Annual Christmas Turkey Dinner.

Saturday, December 1
at the Mayne Island School
6:30 PM. Doors open at 5:30.

This dinner is free for Silver Maynes members with paid-up memberships for 2012. (Memberships for 2012 are still available at $10.00).

Members must reserve in advance to make sure places are set for them.

For further information please contact Kit Mitchell

Come and sing the traditional songs of Christmas!

Film Night: Black Wave - Thu Nov 22

Black Wave: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez

A film about the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster and coastal communities that are still experiencing the effects over 20 years later.

Thursday, November 22, 2012 7:30pm
Agricultural Hall
Refreshments and discussion after film
Admission by donation

For further information please contact Leanna Boyer

Fashion Show / Fund Raiser For MIALS - Sat Nov 17

A fashion show will be held on Saturday November 17, at 7:30 PM as a fund raiser for the Mayne Island Assisted Living Society. It will be held at the Community Centre on Felix Jack Road.

The show is sponsored by the Tree Frog Gallery and will feature clothes from the store. Major suppliers for the store have graciously donated items for the raffle ranging from a coin purse to a hand made on Mayne Island wood box, and a silk throw.

Tickets are $10.00 (sold at the Tree Frog Gallery), and both raffle and 50/50 tickets will be sold at the show. There will be a cash wine bar.

Come out and support the Assisted Living Society.

For further information please contact Bob

M.I. Little Theatre: Turkey Trot, A Comedy - Nov 15, 16, 17

Turkey Trot, A Comedy
Thursday Nov. 15, Friday Nov. 16th and Saturday Nov. 17th
Three nights only!
Doors open: 7:00 pm, showtime 7:30 pm at the Agricultural Hall.

Don't miss out! Buy your tickets at the Trading Post or Home Hardware today!

Not suitable for children under 12

"Laugh out loud funny," says Gail Noonan after seeing a rehearsal of Mayne Island Little Theatre's newest production: Turkey Trot. A story with more twists and turns than a large intestine!

"You'll bust your gut!" says one critic.

"It's a busy cultural week," says writer/director, Sam Israel, "I understand there is a movement workshop as well as a fashion show to raise money for Mayne Island Assisted Living. I encourage everyone to get out and do something to support island culture!"

For further information please contact Sam Israel

A little animation by Gail Noonan

Mayne Island's own Gail Noonan made this great little animation recently as an entry for the CBC radio show Wire Tap's animation contest. The soundtrack is a clip of Wire Tap host Jonathan Goldstein having a bizarre conversation with his parents on the phone. Gail did a wonderfully creative job adding an imaginative element to the soundtrack to bring it to life.

The winner of the animation contest gets themselves a new iPad. Let's hope that the judges choose Gail!

Bob Harlow's new novel launch at the Community Centre - Sun Nov 18

On Sunday November 18th at 7:30 pm at the Community Centre Robert Harlow will talk about, as well as read from, Faraday Comes Home, his ninth novel (the other eight are in the Mayne Library and at Miners Bay Books).

Jamie Faraday was a WWll bomber pilot, then a bush pilot who ran his own air service out of Odgertown in Northern B.C. His long life has, since 1944, been scarred, unbeknownst to him, by what is now called PTSD. At 80, he contends with failures in love as well as with an unconscious need to go back to the war he hasn't been able to return from and to take possession of it . He also lives with both the light and the dark experiences of becoming old.

Mark your calendar: Faraday Comes home 7:30 November 18th at the Community Centre.

For further information please contact Bob Harlow (250) 539-3001.

Gov't Consultation on Ferries' Future - Mon Dec 3

  Image courtesy of
Provincial Government Community Consultation on the future of island ferry service comes to Mayne Island Monday December 3, 2012 at the Community Centre at 5:00 pm.

They seek input from communities about service adjustments needed to meet funding shortfalls. Your comments and suggestions will help shape islanders' ferry service into the future. We all seek affordable, efficient and sustainable ferry service. Tell the Government how you want them to achieve this, what service we must retain for a healthy community. For more information on the consultations go to

For further information or questions about the meeting please contact Elma Maund

… and while we're on the subject of BC Ferries.

Brian Dearden published the following suggestions in the November MayneLiner in his monthly space. I thought the suggestions were spot on and asked to re-publish them here on MayneNews. With his kind permission I do so below. This is fodder for much discussion and I hope that Brian and others might be suggesting ideas like this at the meetings and directly to our political representatives.


In case you haven't noticed, there is a lot of heated dialogue in the media about our current BC Ferries situation. There is chatter around the problems but other than raising rates and eliminating services, there doesn't seem to be much discussion about positive solutions that would allow us to move ahead as communities and businesses.

Here at the lumber yard we have had to make adjustments in the way we do business to meet the challenges of higher fuel and ferry costs and less construction: suck it up, the boom times are over for a while, it happens every now and then. This doesn't mean we shut down and price ourselves out of the market. We have had to take a hard look at staffing, how we are doing our trucking, inventory levels and product selection, and in general, making the smart business decisions to allow us to maintain a properly run, profitable business.

It is time for BC Ferries to do the same without defaulting to the standard reaction: raise the rates and cut services.

As a major user of the ferry service, I would like an answer - Why aren't we looking at some alternative ideas? These are not necessarily new solutions, they have been shelved in the past but it is time to dust them off and have another look, they may be an exciting route to take. We need to put a positive spin to what this could mean to our Island communities, both socially and economically.

If we take a moment and just look at our own situation in the Southern Gulf Islands, we have a combination of boats traveling empty and scheduling challenges that combined, amount to huge losses on the income statement and disgruntled customers trying to deal with rising costs and late boats. Focus in on these specifics and come up with solutions, a number of us believe that some of the answers are obvious.

You want to eliminate at least two empty runs for both the Cumberland and Mayne Queen a day? Home Port. I can hear the union screams already but quite frankly this would have a tremendous positive impact on the whole area; it has to be considered. I have taken the early morning ferry out of Swartz Bay many times, not because I have to get back by seven in the morning but because it is there. Would I care if it was a few hours later, probably not. These early morning boats are simply transferring the crews and boats to where they should have been in the first place, loading up a full boat to go back to Swartz Bay. The last boats of the day transfer the crews and boats back to Swartz Bay, for the most part, empty. Add up the diesel, crew costs, wear and tear on the boats and carbon foot print. Two boats, two empty trips a day, 365 days a year, that adds up to 1460 empty trips a year, wonder what that costs! Add to the equation what a fair number of well paid jobs would do for the Island economies and you may start to get the picture.

Solution number two. Run a small K-class ferry ie. one of the available and for sale Albion ferries between Saturna and Mayne. Tie the two communities together, save a whole bunch of diesel, create some more employment on Saturna and solve once and for all the scheduling headaches that having to run to Saturna with the two larger boats creates. A K-class ferry has a drop down loading ramp. Punch a road through at St.Johns Point, use the existing facilities at Lyall Harbour and start realizing the cost and scheduling benefits.

These are just two options that could make substantial inroads to improving ferry efficiencies and offer cost savings that should not be ignored. Of course implementation would present it's challenges, change always does. Running a business successfully takes leadership and at times out of the box thinking. Lets discuss these two ideas with this in mind and create an efficient, profitable service that we can all be proud of.

Mayne Island Speaker Series - Fri Nov 9

Two bright young Islanders, Per Lange of Mayne Island and Emily Dunsmuir of Salt Spring Island and their mentor Dominic Covvey host an exciting, thought provoking evening debating the merits of nuclear reactors.

Nuclear Reactors: The Ecstasy and the Agony.
Mayne Island Agricultural Hall
Friday November 9th. 7:30 PM

Admission is by donation
Refreshments will be served

For further information please contact Brenda Webster or Mary Crumblehulme (250) 539-3574