Experience the Gulf Islands - Wed Oct 24

Photo courtesy Toby Snelgrove - Graphics courtesy MayneNews
Public Information and Discussion Meeting

“Experience The Gulf Islands”

Wednesday, October 24, 7:00pm at the Ag Hall

The CRD Economic Development Commission for the Southern Gulf Islands is currently looking at six proposals to stimulate island economies and support local communities. 

One of these proposals called "Experience The Gulf Islands" is a unifying theme to enrich the lives of residents and visitors through outdoor recreation and direct contact with the land and waters, communities, people, events and heritage of the Gulf Islands.

It is built on the possibility to extend the Trans Canada Trail, currently being completed along the Fraser Valley, through to the Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island where the CRD is actively creating a network of trails.

This initiative proposes to link the Southern Gulf Islands: Mayne, Galiano, Saturna and the Penders, with a series of hiking/biking trails and marine facilities that look beyond a dependency on ferry and motorized traffic. 

The principal benefits are:

• to build on the strengths of each island community
• to separate pedestrian and cycle traffic from our congested roads
• to encourage non-motorized tourist visitors
• to develop a service infrastructure that will provide jobs and support local economies
• to develop trails and water routes for approved recreational, cultural, heritage and service amenities
• to develop non-ferry water transport between the Islands to rekindle historic relationships that created the Island communities 

A group of Mayne Islanders have been meeting to draft a conceptual plan for the Mayne Island component and are inviting the community to participate in developing this proposal to “Experience the Gulf Islands”. Please join us for this opportunity to create a new green infrastructure and to make our island a better place for everyone. 

For more information please email: Brian Crumblehulme at briarycottage@gmail.com or Brian Dearden at bdearden@shaw.ca

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