Caring for the Western Purple Martin - Thu Nov 8

Western Purple Martins almost disappeared from the south coast of British Columbia due to losses to their preferred breeding habitat (cavities in trees) as well as competition from introduced bird species such as starlings and house sparrows. The Western Purple Martin Stewardship program was launched to try to restore and increase the breeding populations of these magnificent birds.

On Mayne Island Herbie and Bernard Rochet took up the challenge in 2005 establishing artificial nest boxes in Miners Bay and Bennett Bay. As a result of their hard work, creativity and years of dedication the martins have been breeding successfully at both sites.

Come and hear about the pleasures, triumphs and sometimes the disappointments in their seven year long struggle to provide a bridgehead for this unique regional species.

at the Mayne Island Community Centre
Thursday, November 8th, 7:30 PM

Admission by donation

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

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