Check out Active Galiano

Detail of Active Galiano Banner photo. Photo by Henny Elizabeth Schnare

Active Galiano is a web site on Galiano Island that is similar in some ways to MayneNews, but also offers a whole host of fantastic online community tools created by Christian Nally who built the site himself and is a talented and knowledgable web development expert.

I've been having some interesting discussion with Christian lately and his focus is very much like mine, in that we want to provide online tools to enrich and enhance the great spirit of community that exists on our islands. Christian is also focused on expanding this vision to reconnect the Gulf Islands. All of us Gulf Islanders share so much in common and our communities are so similar, but we are kept separated by a lack of transportation options. Christian alerted me to the Island Futures group from Gabriola Island that is an initiative that aims to try and reverse this separateness. (I posted the announcement for their upcoming all-islands meeting, August 7-9, last week.)

Recently, Christian has added a section on Active Galiano that feeds MayneNews announcements on to his web site. If submitters to MayneNews have content of interest to those on Galiano as well as Mayne, then when you submit to MayneNews our cousins on Galiano may now be viewing it. I'm not sure if I can figure out a way to reciprocate this feed, but I'll be looking into it.

I expect there will be some more interesting collaboration between Active Galiano and MayneNews in the future, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, take a look around the Active Galiano web site:


  1. Sounds like a great relationship developing here Jim. Thanks for making the connections!

  2. Thanks Jim!

    Active Galiano has now migrated into Active Islands. (The links above will automatically redirect "permanently" to the new site's URL).

    I've copied over all of my Galiano Users into the new site, so all that previous community good will is being carried over, and that means that the site has traffic right off the bat.

    The new site has a choose so that people can choose Mayne, Saturna, etc. and Mayne has just now started to take off, thanks to the initial efforts of Scott Magee. (but of course it takes a whole community!)

    Once people have their own account, they are able to invite others. I only ask that folks invite only people who live or own property on the islands. (I hope that'll keep the spam down.)