Using Facebook Pages to promote an organization

For some time I've been using a Facebook Page for MayneNews and posting a link there to just about every single Mayne Island non-profit event that is sent out to the email list. I've wondered why the response on the page often seems lacklustre.

Well, in recent days I've come across some info about how Facebook Pages actually works. I assumed, and I would think most people using Facebook Pages would assume, that if they post something to their Facebook Page, it will automatically end up in the news feed of the Facebook members who have "liked" their page. Not quite so, according to the info I've read.

Facebook decides whether something will appear on users news feeds according to an algorithm known as EdgeRank, that basically determines whether a particular page has enough activity on it to rank highly on any users feed. Many of the people who have "liked" a Facebook Page may not see any of the posts that the Page's administrator have posted.

There are ways to improve how many see the posts though. If users either comment on the post, like the post or share the post, the EdgeRank will go way up. Apparently "sharing" (clicking the link under every post to "share") gives the best bang for the buck. As well, Facebook wants you to pay for targeted advertising to promote your page which will juice it up, but most of us don't want to do that.

Since my goal with MayneNews is to help promote the non-profit Mayne Island groups that use this service, I want as many users as possible to see these posts in their news feeds.

My most humble request to those who value this service is for them to hit that Share link whenever possible for a MayneNews post. It takes 2 seconds and helps push that information out to users. This is especially important if you've sent out information using MayneNews. If you don't hit that share button (as well as forwarding the heck out of that email and blog post) you're missing out on an opportunity to help your own cause.

In return, on my own Facebook profile I will be hitting that share link for any Mayne Island Facebook Pages that I happen across to help spread the karma along. I've "liked" as many as I've been able to come across so far. Feel free to alert me about more of them.

For further reading on this subject and tips on what EdgeRank is up to and how to use it check out the following two very informative blogs:

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