The Magic of Mime - Jul 6 & 7

The Magic of Mime

Eight marvellous stories told with movement, gesture, and silence. See the tight-rope walker master his art!  Discover what lies deep inside the Magical Bag! Find out what happens when Zefir eats Eddie's cakes! "The Magic of Mime" will make you laugh and cry and wonder. Don't miss it!

Featuring Manon GĂ©nier, Brenda Webster, Lael Whitehead, Lina Losier and Jasper Garratt

Friday, July 6th, 7:30 pm
Saturday, July 7th, 1:30 pm
Agricultural Hall, Mayne Island

Tickets $15 adults/ $5 children

At the door or in advance at Happy Tides

For further information contact Lael Whitehead

Head Shaving for Meredyth at the Farmers Market

Emma Johnson captured this video of Rob and Sam getting their heads shaved at the June 16th Mayne Island Farmer's Market to raise money for Meredyth's battle with cancer. Check it out, it's brilliant!

Copy and share the link to the video with your friends:

There will be more head shaving to benefit Meredyth on June 29th 6pm at the Agricultural Hall during the Rib Cook Off benefit event. We live in a caring community!

Mayne Island Rib Cook Off Fundraiser - Fri Jun 29

Rib Cook Off! To benefit the Mayne Island Critical Illness Fund. The first recipient is Meredyth James.

Friday June 29th, 6pm at the Ag Hall

$10 donation for admission – includes ribs & corn on the cob. Beer, wine and pop for sale. Bring salad or dessert to share.

Vote for the best ribs on Mayne Island cooked by teams including - RCMP - Firehall - Springwater - Home Hardware - Bennett Bay Bistro - Fraser/Richie - M.I.L.T. - And you? Call Karen at (250) 539-2929 to sign up.

Dunk Tank: Featuring “Dunk-a-cop”. Constable Davie and his boss have bravely consented to a stint in the dunk tank.

Head Shaving Event: Watch Colleen, Candida, Bonnie, Rob, Karen, Will, Gerry, Anika, Dan, Alec, Charles go from luscious locks to shiny is beautiful.

For further info contact Karen: (250) 539-2929

Mayne Island Critical Illness Fund: Inspired by Meredyth James' battle with cancer the MICIF is a new fund for Mayne Islanders facing serious illness. Our island population runs into unique challenges and expenses when confronted with the need for extensive medical treatment. For example, an islander may be unable to work and faced with extra travel expenses or renting in town.

A committee of three people will oversee the raising and allocation of funds. Any Mayne Island resident can request assistance from this committee who will be introduced at the first fund-raiser on the June 29th.

Call for Expressions of Interest in Providing Meals on Wheels on Mayne Island

Background summary of Meals on Wheels Service:
Meals on Wheels is a program where hot nutritious meals are professionally prepared and packaged in foil containers at lunch time and delivered via a net work of volunteers to clients at their homes in the community.

The maximum is three/four meals per client per week with delivery 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). At present there are 5 clients with total meals served of approximately 30 meals.

Meal provider summary:
Contracted providers bill Greenwoods Elder Care Society a fixed charge of $10 per meal served (plus HST) which is to cover all preparation costs except for the cost of containers (ordered from Victoria Box and Paper with the bill sent to Greenwoods).

A simple spreadsheet identifying clients and days meals are provided is to be sent in monthly to Greenwoods. They must have the ability to offer some dietary modifications as requested,ie diabetic, vegetarian. The meal is normally to consist of, entree and dessert.

Premises where meals prepared is to be licensed by Capital Health Region.

Use of email for communication with the Salt Spring coordinator would be an asset when sending in monthly tallies and client information.

For further information contact Catherine Bennett, MOW administrator Greenwoods Elder Care Society. Please respond by Tuesday June 26th. Because of the tight time frame involved I will accept a letter of interest via my home email

MI Youth Fitness Karaoke Fundraiser - Sat Jun 30

Karaoke Fun Night brings its musical magic to the Ag Hall On Saturday, June 30, 2012 to help raise funds for Mayne Island Youth Fitness.

This is a licensed event with refreshments, floats and snacks available for sale... all to benefit Mayne Island Youth Fitness.

$5 per adult and $2 per accompanied youth. (No child drop-offs for this event)

Come dressed as your favourite musical star and prepare to have a sparkling fun night!

Event starts at 7 and finishes at 11 pm sharp!

For further information contact Anita McCamley

2012 Home and Garden Tour - Sat Jun 30

The Mayne Island Garden Club presents their third Home and Garden Tour on Sat. June 30, from 10 am - 3 pm.

Come join us for a tour of 7 diverse properties: waterfronts, valley views, owner built and renos.

A complimentary Strawberry Shortcake Social is from 3-4 pm at the final destination.

Tickets are available for $20 at the Trading Post, Gardenia, Home Hardware and HappyTides. Or contact Ingrid Marsh (250) 539-5024 or Liz Howard (250) 539-3658.

Notice to all Canada Day Flea Marketers

For the inveterate Flea Marketeers who wish to share their "collectables" on July 1st there is a requirement to reserve a table at the Flea Market.

If this means you -- then you need to call one of the following Lions:

Neil Howard (250) 539-3658 or
Mike Bullis (250) 539-2795 or
John Glover (250) 539-2344 and commit to the $10.00 fee for your table.

Mayne's Ocean's Day featured in Aqua Magazine

In the Spring 2012 edition of Aqua Magazine is a great feature on the Mayne Island Conservancy's Oceans Day. The article was written by Mayne Island's own Jessica Easton and is accompanied by some of Toby Snelgrove's beautiful photographs.

If you didn't happen to catch it on the newsstand or receive it in your mailbox, check out the digital edition (LINK).

From the article "Oceans Day provides an opportunity for people to think about what the ocean means to them and what it has to offer all of us with hopes of conserving it for present and future generations."

Using Facebook Pages to promote an organization

For some time I've been using a Facebook Page for MayneNews and posting a link there to just about every single Mayne Island non-profit event that is sent out to the email list. I've wondered why the response on the page often seems lacklustre.

Well, in recent days I've come across some info about how Facebook Pages actually works. I assumed, and I would think most people using Facebook Pages would assume, that if they post something to their Facebook Page, it will automatically end up in the news feed of the Facebook members who have "liked" their page. Not quite so, according to the info I've read.

Facebook decides whether something will appear on users news feeds according to an algorithm known as EdgeRank, that basically determines whether a particular page has enough activity on it to rank highly on any users feed. Many of the people who have "liked" a Facebook Page may not see any of the posts that the Page's administrator have posted.

There are ways to improve how many see the posts though. If users either comment on the post, like the post or share the post, the EdgeRank will go way up. Apparently "sharing" (clicking the link under every post to "share") gives the best bang for the buck. As well, Facebook wants you to pay for targeted advertising to promote your page which will juice it up, but most of us don't want to do that.

Since my goal with MayneNews is to help promote the non-profit Mayne Island groups that use this service, I want as many users as possible to see these posts in their news feeds.

My most humble request to those who value this service is for them to hit that Share link whenever possible for a MayneNews post. It takes 2 seconds and helps push that information out to users. This is especially important if you've sent out information using MayneNews. If you don't hit that share button (as well as forwarding the heck out of that email and blog post) you're missing out on an opportunity to help your own cause.

In return, on my own Facebook profile I will be hitting that share link for any Mayne Island Facebook Pages that I happen across to help spread the karma along. I've "liked" as many as I've been able to come across so far. Feel free to alert me about more of them.

For further reading on this subject and tips on what EdgeRank is up to and how to use it check out the following two very informative blogs:

Facebook’s New Con: Pay To Have Your Posts Seen

Why 84% of Your Facebook Fans are Lurkers

EdgeRank: A guide to Facebook's Newsfeed Algorithm

Lost & Found

Found: Postage stamps for mailing to the US. I am hoping to return them to their proper owner. If this belongs to you call (250) 539-5671.

MIHCA presents Alan Cassels from UVic - Sat Jun 16

Alan Cassels is a drug policy researcher and journalist at the University of Victoria School of Health Information Science and author of a number of books.

He will be speaking about how the misguided hunt for disease or 'seeking sickness 'and the use of pharmaceuticals or 'selling sickness' is affecting us all. His most recent book 'Seeking Sickness' reveals how the practice of screening early and often can inflict considerable harm on consumers.

Join us at the Agricultural Hall on Saturday, June 16, from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm to learn more about how this impacts us all.

For further information contact Sharon at (250) 539-2311.

The Gift performed by John Aitken & Gail Noonan - Fri Jun 15, Sat Jun 16

The Gift is a 2 person performance by John Aitken and Gail Noonan that will be presented at the Agricultural Hall on June 15th and 16th at 7:30 PM.

Doors open at 7 PM. Tickets are $12 and will be available at the Trading Post and Happy Tides starting June 1.

Everyone has a story. The Gift is one person’s journey through challenge and adversity in a boy’s early years. He is too young to understand the world he has been born into and has no voice to express the turmoil of his circumstances. For a boy without words we use drumming, singing, mime and sound effects in a series of short scenes to evoke significant events in his life. As in a dream, Native symbols and metaphor tell this tale of evolution and ultimate celebration. Some scenes will be easy to decipher and some may leave you perplexed. It is all part of the experience.

An important part of the performance for us is the discussion at the end. After a short break with refreshments we will have a talking circle about this particular form of storytelling. You are welcome to stay and participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable.

This performance is not suitable for young children. Seating will be limited to allow for better sight lines for the audience.

For further information contact Gail Noonan (250) 539-3379