Mayne Island Country Dance Ball - Sat Jun 2

Join us for the 5th Annual Mayne Island International Country Dance Ball.

Saturday June 2nd at the Mayne Island School.

Sponsored by the Mayne Dancers.

The event opens with a pot-luck lunch, 12:00 noon at the school followed by a workshop on Country Dancing until 3:30 pm.

The Dress up Ball starts at 8:00pm (with a warm up at 7:30) hosted by Laura Me Smith of Seattle.

Music by the Dance Hall Players of Victoria

The theme this year is “The Colourful Ball”.

So dress up or down in your favourite colours and let's create a rainbow of colour on the dance floor. Beginners are welcome.

Sunday brunch after the ball begins at 9:00 am at the Crumblehulme's, 639 Horton Bay Road,

The fee for the weekend is $25. For registration please call Harold Kazinsky at (250) 539-9946. For more information please call Lael Whitehead at (250) 539-9818 or email

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