Facebook Corporation steamrolls MayneNews

For some unexplained reason, an automatic spam-detecting process at Facebook has decided to the tag this blog, full of Mayne Island non-profit community announcements, as the dreaded spam.

Because of this, all those who had "liked" the MayneNews Facebook page and rely on that connection to receive their fix of Mayne Island community events will have a tougher time of it. I can no longer post a link on the MayneNews Facebook page from this blog. In addition to that, the past 2 months worth of links that were posted there have been removed by Facebook.

So far, all emailed pleas to the monolithic Facebook Corporation have remained unanswered. I suspect that I may never know why this mistake was made or ever have this action reversed. As most of us know, Facebook's customers are not the Facebook members, we are the product that is delivered to Facebook advertisers, so responding to concerns of Facebook members is not high on their priority list.

Now I will post links on that page to the web versions of the MayneNews emails that go out, but unfortunately this doesn't allow those who view MayneNews via Facebook to get any of the additional info that is on this blog, such as the occasional extra article or graphics and the occasional embedded video. A large corporation relying on mindless computers to manage it's resources has just made promoting non-profit community events on little Mayne Island, a bit more difficult.

UPDATE: -- It seems I should have looked around the internet before assuming that Facebook had decided little old MayneNews was dangerous. It appears that Facebook has banned linking to ALL blogs that are hosted on blogspot.ca -- Google's free Blogger service. The dot ca refers to Blogger blogs that are in Canada. This probably affects many thousands of Canadian blogs and appears to be a serious blunder by Facebook.

No doubt, some jerk spammer was using blogspot.ca to send out their junk and some automatic process at Facebook caught the spam and declared the whole domain of blogspot.ca as something FB can no longer link to. Eventually I would figure they'll have to fix this, many blogs far larger than MayneNews use Google blogs located in Canada.

Until they fix it, the good news is that I can still post MayneNews blog links to FB -- by just changing blogspot.ca in the URL to blogspot.com -- and it works fine. It won't make up for the last 2 months of links that went missing on the MayneNews Facebook page though.

UPDATE - June 3: A few days back Facebook finally responded to the avalanche of complaints from blogspot.ca users and unblocked the site. A few of the missing Facebook posts they had deleted from MayneNews re-appeared but not nearly all of them.

I read that the original mistake was made by a company that rates web sites based on their trustworthiness and lack of spam and when Google spun off the blogspot.com to individual country domains (.ca and others) for some reason this company caught some spammers using blogspot.ca and banned the whole domain. They realized their mistake pretty quickly but when FB automatically used their info to ban the domain it took them a lot longer to reverse their mistake. They probably wouldn't have if it had been a much smaller domain that they had mistakenly banned, but blogspot.ca would be very large.


  1. have you looked into G+? just wondering, as many people now use G+ as their blogspot, and feed to Twitter, Facebook, et al directly the G+ posts.

  2. I'll have to look into it. I was under the impression that G+ was a pretty barren wasteland at this point. I think 80% of the people I know have Facebook accounts.