Mayne Island School Bingo - Sat Jun 9

Come to our first ever Mayne Island School and Lions Club Bingo Night on Saturday June 9th 7:00 pm in the school gymnasium.

There will be refreshments and prizes. All proceeds go to the Mayne Island Lions Club, and the Grade Eights of Mayne Island School's Laptop Program.

For further information contact Mark Smith, call (250) 539-2371 or email

Facebook Corporation steamrolls MayneNews

For some unexplained reason, an automatic spam-detecting process at Facebook has decided to the tag this blog, full of Mayne Island non-profit community announcements, as the dreaded spam.

Because of this, all those who had "liked" the MayneNews Facebook page and rely on that connection to receive their fix of Mayne Island community events will have a tougher time of it. I can no longer post a link on the MayneNews Facebook page from this blog. In addition to that, the past 2 months worth of links that were posted there have been removed by Facebook.

So far, all emailed pleas to the monolithic Facebook Corporation have remained unanswered. I suspect that I may never know why this mistake was made or ever have this action reversed. As most of us know, Facebook's customers are not the Facebook members, we are the product that is delivered to Facebook advertisers, so responding to concerns of Facebook members is not high on their priority list.

Now I will post links on that page to the web versions of the MayneNews emails that go out, but unfortunately this doesn't allow those who view MayneNews via Facebook to get any of the additional info that is on this blog, such as the occasional extra article or graphics and the occasional embedded video. A large corporation relying on mindless computers to manage it's resources has just made promoting non-profit community events on little Mayne Island, a bit more difficult.

UPDATE: -- It seems I should have looked around the internet before assuming that Facebook had decided little old MayneNews was dangerous. It appears that Facebook has banned linking to ALL blogs that are hosted on -- Google's free Blogger service. The dot ca refers to Blogger blogs that are in Canada. This probably affects many thousands of Canadian blogs and appears to be a serious blunder by Facebook.

No doubt, some jerk spammer was using to send out their junk and some automatic process at Facebook caught the spam and declared the whole domain of as something FB can no longer link to. Eventually I would figure they'll have to fix this, many blogs far larger than MayneNews use Google blogs located in Canada.

Until they fix it, the good news is that I can still post MayneNews blog links to FB -- by just changing in the URL to -- and it works fine. It won't make up for the last 2 months of links that went missing on the MayneNews Facebook page though.

UPDATE - June 3: A few days back Facebook finally responded to the avalanche of complaints from users and unblocked the site. A few of the missing Facebook posts they had deleted from MayneNews re-appeared but not nearly all of them.

I read that the original mistake was made by a company that rates web sites based on their trustworthiness and lack of spam and when Google spun off the to individual country domains (.ca and others) for some reason this company caught some spammers using and banned the whole domain. They realized their mistake pretty quickly but when FB automatically used their info to ban the domain it took them a lot longer to reverse their mistake. They probably wouldn't have if it had been a much smaller domain that they had mistakenly banned, but would be very large.

Yoga Workshop at the Community Centre - Sun Jun 17

Root To Fly

A one day Yoga Workshop with international Yoga Elder Sama Fabian.

Through a coherent and sensitive Yoga practice we awaken to reality with wide eyes and an open heart.

The practice is conceived to increase vital energy, refine perception and bring ease and spaciousness to the mind.

In the contemplative state, each gesture and each breath reveal their spiritual potency.

Workshop open to all curious practitioners who would like to take their practice to a deeper level.

Sunday June 17th, 10 am - 4 pm, at the Community Centre, $85

To register contact Donna Williams (250) 539-3693

Skagway on Mayne - Sat Jun 2

Mayne Island Music Society presents Skagway - Saturday, June 2,  8:00 pm at the Ag Hall (doors open at 7:00).

Skagway is known for powerful original songs and instrumentals, fast picking, and an energetic stage presence.

They recently released a first album "Wine in the Cupboard". Whether you are a fan of bluegrass music, enjoy great acoustic music, or just love to listen to people having fun singing and picking, this is a band you do not want to miss.

Tickets $15 at Home Hardware, Farmgate Store, Happy Tides and at the door.

Oceans Day on Mayne - Sun Jun 3

Join us in Miners Bay for beach and dock exploration. We decided to have our Oceans Day on the lowest tide closest to World Oceans. The theme of World Ocean's Day on June 8th this year is "Youth: the Next Wave for Change." Children of all ages and interested adults are welcome join us from mid-morning to early afternoon.

10:00 - Meet at the Gazebo in Miners Bay Park
10:15 - Exploring the intertidal zone of Miners Bay with Michael Dunn, including fossil finding
11:30 - Exploration on the dock with Leanna Boyer, plankton tow, microscopes and organisms that make their homes on the dock.
1:00 - Beach seine and discover marine organisms that are found in eelgrass beds.

Bring your curiosity and a lunch and join us at the beach on the third.

For more information: or contact Michael Dunn (250) 539-5745

Silver Maynes trip to Chemainus Theatre - Thu Jun 21

Silver Maynes Chemainus trip to  “Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat” June 21st, 2012

• Meet at Village Bay ferry terminal at 7:00 a.m. to catch early morning ferry as foot passengers. Make sure you bring your gold card with you if you have one.

• Bus (Wilson’s) will meet us at the ferry terminal and drive to Chemainus with one short rest stop at Tim Horton’s on the way.

• Price for theatre only is $47.00. Cost of theatre and buffet lunch at the theatre is $67.00 (includes tips) (an increase of $2:00 over last year)

• Bus will meet us outside the theatre at 4:15 p.m. and take us directly to Sidney for a stop of approximately one hour to eat or shop, etc.

• Bus will pick us up in Sidney at 7:00 p.m. and drive us to the ferry terminal for 7:40 p.m. sailing to Village Bay

• No refunds can be made for tickets after Wednesday, May 30th 2012

• Please make out cheques to “Silver Maynes” and leave at Gulfport free mail with “Maureen Pearl" on the envelope.

For further information, contact Maureen Pearl at (250) 539-2116 or email her at This trip fills up quickly, so do get in touch with Maureen soon! We have room for new members to come on this trip and membership costs $5.00

May Day Fun - Sat May 19

Mayne Island Conservancy's May Day Celebration - Saturday May 19th 2012

Approximate schedule of events

Events at the Farmers' Market

1:00 pm Trumpet player, Morris Dancers, Pole Bearers swearing-in and general Mayhem.
1:30 pm Noisy Procession taking May Pole to Miners Bay Park accompanied by Green Man, May Queens, knights, fairies, drummers, and the rest

Events at Miners Bay Park

1:45 pm Pole laid down to rest across from the labyrinth
1:50 pm Coronation (in the middle of the labyrinth) of this year’s May Queen by last year’s Queen. Speeches by Green Man and new May Queen

May Pole
2:15 pm May Pole erected accompanied by song: Hal-an-toe
2:20 pm Kids’ dance with Queen & Green Man around the pole Song: Padstow
2:30 pm Dance of our lovely May Maidens around the pole
2:40 pm Community Dance - everyone welcome

Games Area, Labyrinth & Gazebo
2:50 pm Kids’ refreshment & Raffle draw
3:00 pm Adult’s refreshments kids’ games and races
3:15 pm Morris Dancers

For further information go to the Conservancy's web site

Managing Your Arthritis - Wed May 23

Mayne Island Health Centre Association invites you to come and hear Cari Taylor of the B.C. Arthritis Society help us learn ways to better manage and understand arthritis for ourselves or family members.

This will be held at the Agricultural Hall on Wednesday May 23, 2012 at 1:30 - 3:30 pm.

Refreshments served.

For further information contact Sharon at (250) 539-2311.

Yoga Classes at the Community Centre - starting May 15

Yoga classes held at the Mayne Island Community Centre, led by certified yoga instructor, Donna Williams.

Beginners: This class is suitable for those with little or no previous yoga experience.
Emphasis is on foundation and structural aspects of asanas (postures)
with an introduction to dhyana (meditation). Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:45pm

Level One: This on-going, level one class combines dhyana (meditation),
pranayama (breath control) and asana (postures) as a guide to
deepen self awareness, enabling peace to be more present in our lives. Thursdays 5:30pm -6:55pm

To register or for information call Donna (250) 539-3693.

Mayne Island Country Dance Ball - Sat Jun 2

Join us for the 5th Annual Mayne Island International Country Dance Ball.

Saturday June 2nd at the Mayne Island School.

Sponsored by the Mayne Dancers.

The event opens with a pot-luck lunch, 12:00 noon at the school followed by a workshop on Country Dancing until 3:30 pm.

The Dress up Ball starts at 8:00pm (with a warm up at 7:30) hosted by Laura Me Smith of Seattle.

Music by the Dance Hall Players of Victoria

The theme this year is “The Colourful Ball”.

So dress up or down in your favourite colours and let's create a rainbow of colour on the dance floor. Beginners are welcome.

Sunday brunch after the ball begins at 9:00 am at the Crumblehulme's, 639 Horton Bay Road,

The fee for the weekend is $25. For registration please call Harold Kazinsky at (250) 539-9946. For more information please call Lael Whitehead at (250) 539-9818 or email

22 Years of Newspapering on the Gulf Islands - The Island tides Story

The Mayne Island Speakers Series brings Christa Grace-Warrick - owner, editor and publisher of the Island Tides - to the Agricultural Hall, 430 Fernhill Road on Thursday, May 17th at 7:30 for an evening of unique entertainment. 22 Years of Newspapering on the Gulf Islands.

This is the amazing story of a little newspaper that could, growing from a tiny start up over the Deli in Miners Bay to a newspaper of record in a very different world of communication.

Admission is by donation

Please join us for refreshments and informal discussion after.

For further information: Mary Crumblehulme (250) 539-3027 or Brenda Webster (250) 539-3574

Please contact Assisted Living if you require transportation or if night driving is a problem.

Change of Date: MIID Board Meeting for May


Change of Date: MIID Board Meeting for May will be held 1:30 PM on Thursday May 17th at the meeting room upstairs at the Fire Hall.

For further information contact MIID Administrator Gerrie Wise at (250)-539-5116 or e-mail

National Emergency Preparedness Week - Are You Ready? Sat May 12

May 7th to May 13th is National Emergency Preparedness Week!

Join us on Saturday May 12th from 11am through 1pm at the Fire Hall. Mayne Island Emergency Program & Mayne Island Fire Department are offering training in the use of fire extinguishers and disaster first aid.

Two hands on workshops will be presented:
Fire Extinguishers: You will gain experience putting out fires in a controlled setting and what you need to know about fire extinguishers, and
Disaster First Aid: You will learn how to deal with injuries before help arrives in the event of a large scale disaster when help could be delayed getting to you.

Each workshop will be presented twice, once at 11am and again at 1pm so you can take both.

Cost: free!

For further information contact Deputy Chief - Steven DeRousie tel: (250) 539-5156 or email: or website:

Movie Night "On The Line" - Mon May 14

Movie night at the Ag Hall on Monday May 14th at 7:30 pm viewing the critically-acclaimed documentary, "On the Line"  which offers an intimate look at the people and places that will be most affected if the Northern Gateway pipeline project is approved.

Filmmaker Frank Wolf and friend Todd McGowan walked, biked, rafted and kayaked the entire route the proposed pipeline would take‚ from Alberta through the Rocky Mountains, over hundreds of rivers and streams, across one of the last fully intact ecosystems on the planet, to the waters of the BC's north coast.

Come see this eco-documentary, enjoy the popcorn and stay for discussion with Patrick Brown of Island Tides.

An independent screening presented by concerned Mayne Islanders. Donations will be forwarded to the Dogwood Initiative.

For further information email