Mayne Island Seniors Driving Proposal on CTV

For those who may have missed it on TV yesterday, CTV News did a feature on Bill McFarlane and John Glover's proposal for BC allowing restricted area driver's licenses for seniors. Below is the text from the CBC website.
MAYNE ISLAND – A group on Mayne Island says it has a “positive solution” that would allow seniors to drive longer.

They’re calling for a restricted area licence that would give drivers over the age of eighty the ability to pursue a restricted licence if they failed the province’s current DriveABLE test.

The group argues the test is “all-or-nothing” and isn’t fair for seniors, especially those not used to urban driving conditions.

While restricted licensing is in effect in California the province says it will not be looking at geographic restrictions.

Mayne Island does not have a taxi service or bus making it difficult for those without a licence to get around.

Drivers over the age of eighty face the potential of a driving test every two years. A failing grade means drivers lose their licence immediately.

The group hopes their solution will help lessen what is becoming a growing fear on the Island.

Below is an embedded YouTube video of the CTV news story and some photos taken from that.

Click the "play" button in the embedded video above to play it. If for some reason the embedded video
doesn't work you can see it on the YouTube site here.

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