Chili Cook Off! - Fri Nov 4th

The Mayne Island Early Childhood Society is challenging any and all groups or individuals to join in the fun at our Chili Cook Off.

Any group is welcome - book clubs, boaters, firefighters, restaurants, businesses, knitters, artists, anyone!
This will be a fun evening, and we would appreciate your support.  See you there!

Please join us on November 4th, 6:00 at the Mayne Island School gym. It’s a western theme, so come appropriately attired.

There are three categories -- chili, cornbread or dessert.

• Each team or individual will be encouraged to have an entry in the food fashion show.
• Winner of the fashion show will be determined by an Applause-A-Meter.
• Teams will be limited to 1 to 4 members
• Voting will be conducted by the members of the community who pay $10.00 to come in, judge and eat.
  Each team will have a container in front of their entry for contributions, and MIECS will be selling
 $10.00 rolls of quarters at the door. The team with the most money in front of them at the end of the night is the winner! If you happen to end up with some $20.00 bills in your container, well that’s fine too!
• For chili, each team will need to provide sixty 1/2 cup portions. For cornbread and desserts, sixty 1”x1” squares.
• Each team provides all fixin’s for the chili, or cornbread or dessert.
• Teams to provide ladles and serving utensils. MIECS will provide tables, dishes, sample containers, cutlery, napkins and glasses.
• There will be trophies for the winning teams, with great public acclaim as the biggest prize of all.

Please call Emily at (250) 539-5738  or Janelle at (250) 539-2350.
Check out the posters around town for more details.

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