Oliver Needs A New Home

Oliver has lived with me for 2 ½ years and he is a lovely companion. But my life has changed and I am looking at making a change in where I live and “no pets” seems to be the criteria for a move.

Oliver is a mixed breed terrier, approximately 30 lbs, about 10 years old, very healthy, he’s just been checked by Elizabeth and is up to date with shots, has had his teeth cleaned.

He’s very easy to live with, very quiet and accommodating to travel or staying home. He gets along with cats, is very gentle with children and likes other dogs once he gets to know them (he would probably enjoy living with another dog).

He would be a great companion for an older person who wants a pet for company, all he wants in life is his owner to be sitting down so he can lay next to them. He doesn’t require a lot of exercise but is capable to long hikes, he’s a quiet sleeper and doesn’t get up on the furniture or shed.

He’s a lovely little dog and I will miss him but I need to be able to respond to all offers to move.

Please contact Judi at 539-5710

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