Let's hear your stories of how you came to live on Mayne Island

MayneNews is asking you to tell your neighbours your stories of how to came to live here on beautiful Mayne Island. I'm sure there are some great stories out there. Mine's not terribly exciting, but I'll go first to get things started. You can see it below this post. (Or here if you're viewing just this single post)

Send your submissions directly to me: info@maynenews.ca . Try to keep the story under 500 words. You can use only your first name if you want like I've done or if you feel more comfortable use your full name. Remember this is posted on a public web blog, so keep it PG. :-)

A little picture would be nice, so your friends and neighbours who know you will recognize you when they read your story. I'll try and post one or two a week on the MayneNews blog in order that they come to me and I'll put links to them in emails going out the MayneNews email list as they are sent.

Eagerly awaiting your interesting and unique stories. -- Jim.

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