Native Pollinating Bees and Protecting their Habitats

Gord Hutchings worked as a field biologist for the B.C. Conservation Data Centre, the Royal BC Museum, the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Yukon Territory Gov't doing field entomology collecting. His research at UVic was on the orchard mason bees and he now volunteers with several groups on Vancouver Island and holds public awareness sessions about native bee pollinators, dragonflies and other insects. See more at

When: Saturday February 12
Where: Agricultural Hall
Time: 7:30pm
By Donation

Gord promises this will be an awesome talk with lots of display materials, including cut-aways of ground nesting bees, photos of native bees, different socialities of native bee species, handouts and more.

For more info visit Gord's website or  contact Leanna Boyer (250) 539-5168, email:

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