Wireless Internet Coming to the Queen of Nanaimo

I thought to ask a member of the crew of the Queen of Nanaimo yesterday if a WiFi service like they currently have at the Tsawwasen Terminal and on the two largest vessels will be coming to the Queen of Nanaimo.

She informed me that no time frame has been given, but the crew was told "it WILL be coming" and that "it's just a matter of time".

They already have an internet connection onboard that is wired to the various BC Ferries computers on the ship. This connection may possibly have to be upgraded because it was explained to me that depending on the ship's position they lose their internet connection from time to time. And then routers would have to be added to broadcast WiFi for the passenger's use.

I would imagine that they would have some technical challenges in getting WiFi to work around a metal vessel. I would guess they would have to place a series of routers in different locations throughout the ship.

I'll try and keep abreast of it and report to MayneNews readers when an announcement of the date occurs. I don't know if anything is planned for the Cumberland or some of the smaller vessels. If anyone has any info on that, please send it to info@maynenews.ca or post it in the comments below.

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