Photographic Exhibit by Toby Snelgrove - Opening Fri Aug 6th

Traces: On things left behind
A Photographic Exhibit by Toby Snelgrove
Narrative by Jessica Easton

"We travel through our days engaged in activities -- building dreams -- marking both time and space with our presence. Other’s follow to find the remnants of our journey whether it is a home abandoned -- a misplaced object given up for loss -- a monument that hints at the grandeur of antiquity or one that reminds us of the costs of war. The visual art and narrative in this exhibit hopes to offer a kaleidoscope of images which evoke the impermanence of life -- the moments gone past which remind us of our humanity. “ -- Jessica Easton

Friday, August 6, 7 pm - 9 pm (Refreshments)
Saturday August 7,  9 pm - 5 pm
Agricultural Hall, Mayne Island

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