MICS events: John Elliott and Rob Walker - Aug 14

Walk and Talk with Tsartlip Educator and Historian John Elliott

John Elliott is an educator, historian and member of the Tsartlip First Nation, part of the Saanich People, whose territory is centered on the Saanich Peninsula and the Southern Gulf Islands. He is Chairman of the Saanich Native Heritage Society, and language and culture teacher at the LÁU,WELNEW Tribal School. This event will be an opportunity for Mayne Island residents and visitors to learn about the indigenous history and cultural heritage of this area, and the relationship of the Tsartlip to these islands.

Time: 2 pm - August 14, 2010
Place: Henderson Community Park (at the end of Beechwood Drive)
Meet at the Trail head at the end of the dirt road. Bring water, sunscreen and adequate footwear for trail walking.

The Fire Management Paradox: Balancing Re-growth and Risk in Canada's National Parks

Rob Walker will talk about the paradox inherent in trying to manage forest fires in protected areas and how Parks Canada tries to overcome it. I will use examples from two very different ecosystems, Garry Oak ecosystems, found locally, and Whitebark Pine ecosystems, found at treeline through portions of the Western Cordillera, to illustrate our approach. We will explore their status, ecology. fire regimes, cultural connections and the fire management approaches that Parks Canada, and others, are taking to sustain them.

Time: 7:30 pm - August 14, 2010
Place: Dinner Bay Park Pavilion

For further information call (250) 539-5168, or visit the Conservancy web site

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