Mayne Island farmers featured on CBC radio

Mayne Island farmers, Don and Shanti McDougall were featured on CBC radio today, during a food segment called "Island Artisans" by the foodie Don Genova on the Victoria program "All Points West".

It's a nice little promo for Mayne Island and local food, going out over the local airwaves. (Maybe it'll help combat some of the negative attention we've received lately with the ferry accident.)

Shanti talks about some of the steps she goes through to make her fabulous sauces and condiments.

Update: Google Alerts sent me a link today to Don Genova's blog post on his visit to Mayne Island. Island Artisans Blog

Click on the embedded player below to listen.


  1. There's no such thing as bad press. The ferry accident has put Mayne on people's radar now.

  2. JohnG says that if you are content with the VVEERRYY long ferry waits as the rest of the vessels try to copy you can appreciate the press (notoriety) and go with the flow... Those of us Mayne Islanders and our other SGI friends consider the Ferry System to be our highway and we want all road closures stopped... In fact, how about giving the Nanaimo early retirement (50+ years in service) and bringing in a slightly bigger vessel to meet our growth needs... FWIW... THANK GOODNESS Mayne Island has two ferry docks or we would be hooped!!

  3. I hope you're right, Don. It seems that in the last few months whenever Mayne got mentioned in the media it was something negative.

    John - I agree about increasing our ferry service, but it doesn't look like that's on the radar with BC Ferries. It also wouldn't hurt if the fares went back to being equalized for distance, like they were before the privatization, rather than the gouging that the small routes have now.

    I'm a local artisan who could make my living here on Mayne if more tourists could get here in the summer, but instead, I have to spend most of my summer in Vancouver.

    There's a ferry bottleneck in the summer that restricts local business and then the QofN is under-utilized most of the rest of the year, except for long weekends. There must be a better approach.