Kelp Mapping - Aug 6th

This August the Mayne Island Conservancy will be mapping kelp beds around the island, and we are looking for volunteers to help with this project! Mapping will take place on the water, by kayak with handheld GPS. Any time and energy you can give will be instrumental in helping us complete the hands-on portion of this mapping project!

There are two windows of time in which the tides are just right for our purposes – August 6-12, and August 16-25. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Chris Fretwell at (250) 539-5168, or by email at

This project will set a baseline for future monitoring of Mayne Island kelp beds. Kelp beds resemble forests underwater, and create habitat for a myriad of creatures. Monitoring of the health and extent of these underwater forests will help us to make stewardship decisions to ensure their continued health.

August will also be a time for activities in Henderson Community Park, including putting up deer protection for arbutus seedlings, and removing scotch broom. If you would like to help out with these activities please contact Chris Fretwell at the above-mentioned phone or email address.

Mayne Island Conservancy Society

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