Deadhead decks the dock on Horton Bay

Submitted by Toby Snelgrove

One never knows what challenges the sea offers. However, owning an aluminum boat was my attempt to reduce the hazards at sea - especially hitting a deadhead at 20 MPH.

Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the ability of the deadhead to attack my dock. At high tide the deadhead positioned itself under the front of my dock. As the tide went out, the dock was raised. As the dock raised, my 16 foot aluminum power boat was raised with it ... rather, the port side was raised and the starboard side hung down. As the tide went out, the boat was lowered into the water, starboard side first. Once the deadhead was cut away, the boat sat comfortably under water.

Typical of Mayne Island, a crew came to the rescue at 7am Saturday morning. Ron Willick, Bob Irving, Marian MacLean helped me and Jessica do our best to prevent the power boat from sinking to the bottom of the sea. Here is a link to the image of the rescue.

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