The paintings of Mayne Island's Glenn Payan

I was walking down Granville Street one day recently enjoying the art in the gallery windows when I was surprised to see a gorgeous depiction of the Georgina Point Lightstation, that all of us Mayne Islanders know so well, that stopped me in my tracks. I was able to find the artist via Google and was pleased to see a great selection of Glenn Payan's wonderful paintings on a few web sites.

I contacted Glenn and found that he has a home on Mayne and is a part time Mayne Island resident. I think his work is quite beautiful. I love the simplicity of the forms and the intense, vibrant colour.

Glenn is represented by the Ian Tan Gallery (LINK) in Vancouver and the Canada House Gallery (LINK) in Banff. You can also see some of Glenn's painting on his Flickr page (LINK) and

If you'd like to see one of his paintings in person he has an original for sale at the Gulfport Realty office.

Terrill Welch Solo Exhibition: Sea, Land and Time - Sep 3 - 22

You are invited to Terrill Welch’s solo exhibition of original oil paintings and photography on canvas: Sea, Land and Time 

September 3 – 22, 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, September 3, 2010, 7 pm – 9 pm

Mayne Island Reading Centre (the Library)

Miner’s Bay, Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Take a creative journey with Terrill Welch, British Columbia artist, photographer and writer, as she expresses island life in Sea, Land and Time. Her exhibit displays all new work showcasing the beautiful, mysterious, and rugged southwest coast of Canada. Terrill’s distinctive palette, quick sure strokes, and photographic images capture forest, sandstone, sea, and sky reminding us that there is only one moment – this one.

Terrill Welch’s paintings and photography have been described as impressionist, intuitive and attuned to the essence or resonance of her subject.

Terrill Welch would like to thank Mayne Island Trincomali Community Arts Council for this opportunity.

Full artist biography with images at

For further information contact Terrill Welch by email: or phone: (250) 539-5877 or Terrill's blog:

Photos from the Fall Fair

Toby Snelgrove took some photos of the Fall Fair and the parade last Saturday.

See them on his website: Mayne Island Fall Fair 2010

Photos from the Generation Next event on August 20th

Toby Snelgrove took a few shots of the MILT Generation Next event at the Ag Hall Grounds on Friday.

See them on his website: Mayne Island Little Theatre — "Generation Next" Aug 20

2010 Mayne Island Fall Fair - Sat Aug 21st

Don't miss the Mayne Island Fall Fair, the oldest fall fair in the Gulf Islands, at it's traditional place at the Agricultural Hall.

Parade at 11:30 am — the Fair starts at noon

Images from the the 2009 Fall Fair by Toby Snelgrove. See more at his website.

Dance On Mayne Potluck and Dance - Sun Aug 29th

Dance on Mayne invites everyone to our end of summer potluck supper and dance Sunday August 29 beginning at 5 p.m. Bring a dish to share to the Ag Hall; join us for supper and for dancing afterwards.

We offer a lively variety of country dancing styles including English, Scottish, Contra and Folk. No experience necessary; we call all the dances and talk you through them.

This is a free by donation event for the entire community.

For further information contact: or call (250) 539-5882

Deadhead decks the dock on Horton Bay

Submitted by Toby Snelgrove

One never knows what challenges the sea offers. However, owning an aluminum boat was my attempt to reduce the hazards at sea - especially hitting a deadhead at 20 MPH.

Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the ability of the deadhead to attack my dock. At high tide the deadhead positioned itself under the front of my dock. As the tide went out, the dock was raised. As the dock raised, my 16 foot aluminum power boat was raised with it ... rather, the port side was raised and the starboard side hung down. As the tide went out, the boat was lowered into the water, starboard side first. Once the deadhead was cut away, the boat sat comfortably under water.

Typical of Mayne Island, a crew came to the rescue at 7am Saturday morning. Ron Willick, Bob Irving, Marian MacLean helped me and Jessica do our best to prevent the power boat from sinking to the bottom of the sea. Here is a link to the image of the rescue.

Mayne Island Little Theatre Music Concert & Dance - Aug 20th

Mayne Island Little Theatre — "Generation Next"

The concert on Friday night August 20th will be a night you will not want to miss. Mayne Island Little Theatre is hosting a fundraiser for the next generation of kids at Mayne Island School and six former students all of whom are also MILT ‘kids’ have generously agreed to come back to the island to perform for us.

Michelle Footz, whose performance name is Shelder Jayne Footz, does a fusion of spoken word, jazz trumpet and ritualistic pagan music.

Janine Chambers is a slam poet who has been writing ever since we’ve known her.

Marlies Iredale performs as Marley Daemon and her music is folk/jazz.

Meg Iredale, billed as O’mally, sings her original songs with a folky, old time flavour.

Lindsay Bryan is a singer/songwriter who has just recently played Lilith Fair. Her style is indie/folk/pop.

Matt Reid will be bringing his band SiMmeR. The music is funky, jazzy with elements of reggae. SiMmeR will top off the evening with a great dance atmosphere so bring your dancing shoes.

We can’t think of a better way start the Fall Fair Weekend and kick off our 30th year of theatre here on the island.

There will be a cash bar and lots of goodies to eat. So please come out to see these talented kids who are all grown up and support The Mayne Island School Performing Arts Fund.

The show begins at 8 pm at the Community Centre. Tickets are $15 and $5 for children 12 and under. You can get your tickets at the Trading Post.

For further information contact Brian at (250) 539-3027 or May at (250) 539-2530

Open Air Evening Concert and Dance - Fri Aug 13

An outdoor show on Friday, August 13th from 7:30 to 11:00 at the outdoor stage of the Agricultural Hall.

As the sun sets, we'll dance under the island sky to the soulful sounds of three bands based on the southern coast of this beautiful province:

Compassion Gorilla MySpace Page
 - Worldbeat/Folk/Ska

Dirty Grace MySpace Page
 - Folk/Jazz/Dub

Myriam Parent MySpace Page
 - Bilingual, Orchestral Folk

We are asking for $10 of your heard earned pay at the door to cover costs and pay musicians.

No one turned away for lack of funds.

For further information contact Chris Fretwell:

MICS events: John Elliott and Rob Walker - Aug 14

Walk and Talk with Tsartlip Educator and Historian John Elliott

John Elliott is an educator, historian and member of the Tsartlip First Nation, part of the Saanich People, whose territory is centered on the Saanich Peninsula and the Southern Gulf Islands. He is Chairman of the Saanich Native Heritage Society, and language and culture teacher at the LÁU,WELNEW Tribal School. This event will be an opportunity for Mayne Island residents and visitors to learn about the indigenous history and cultural heritage of this area, and the relationship of the Tsartlip to these islands.

Time: 2 pm - August 14, 2010
Place: Henderson Community Park (at the end of Beechwood Drive)
Meet at the Trail head at the end of the dirt road. Bring water, sunscreen and adequate footwear for trail walking.

The Fire Management Paradox: Balancing Re-growth and Risk in Canada's National Parks

Rob Walker will talk about the paradox inherent in trying to manage forest fires in protected areas and how Parks Canada tries to overcome it. I will use examples from two very different ecosystems, Garry Oak ecosystems, found locally, and Whitebark Pine ecosystems, found at treeline through portions of the Western Cordillera, to illustrate our approach. We will explore their status, ecology. fire regimes, cultural connections and the fire management approaches that Parks Canada, and others, are taking to sustain them.

Time: 7:30 pm - August 14, 2010
Place: Dinner Bay Park Pavilion

For further information call (250) 539-5168, or visit the Conservancy web site

Christina's Tumbler Tomato Tips

Just became aware of some great tips from Mayne Island's Christina Pechloff of Christina's Garden on the subject of growing tomatoes in containers.
This is the time of summer when container grown tomato plants will start to go yellow and look really sad if they aren't getting enough of the nutrients and minerals they need to be healthy and produce delicious fruit. Folks who grow the Tumbler tomato plants I sell in the spring ask me about what I do to provide the plants with the nourishment they need, so......

Christina's Garden: Tumbler tomatoes in containers, part 2

Mosaic Festival - August 8th

Ptarmigan Music & Theatre Society presents the

Second Annual Island Mosaic Arts Festival
Sunday, August 8th
Miners Bay Park - Mayne Island

Noon ‘til 6 PM

Free - All ages welcome
Special Guest Artists

Zeelia — Slavic Soul Music
Vox Trium —  Eclectic à cappella
Calliope — Celtic Traditional & Folk
Jesse Thom — Musician, Poet, Zen Clown

Ptarmigan Story-telling Collaboration “Raven meets Salmon Woman”

Victor Reece, Sharon Jinkerson Brass, Tina Farmilo, Oona McOuat, Patrick Smith
Dancers: Espirito Santo Mauricio, John Aitken
Musicians: Patrick Smith, José Sanchez,  Bryce Woollcombe

The Trincomali Community Arts Council presents "Writers Reading: Grant Buday, Leanne Dyck, Amber Harvey, Toby Snelgrove, Bill Maylone, David Burrowes.

Special Guests Lou Allin, & Shirley Skidmore

Also: Writers’ Round Table Discussion:  “The Next Step In Your Writing” at the Mayne Island Library

Sunday August 8th , 11 AM – Noon. All welcome.

For further information contact Tina Farmilo.

Mayne Island Fire Rescue Auto-Extrication drill - Aug 8

Mayne Island Fire Rescue will be conducting an Auto-Extrication drill at the Fire Hall from 10 am to Noon.

This drill will be open to public viewing - everyone is welcome!

Tell your friends and neighbours - they are welcome to come out too! Please wear closed toe shoes on the Fire Hall grounds as the training area is unpaved and rough.

We hope to see you there! -- Deputy Fire Chief Steve DeRousie

For further information contact Deputy Chief Steve DeRousie: (250) 539-5156

Photographic Exhibit by Toby Snelgrove - Opening Fri Aug 6th

Traces: On things left behind
A Photographic Exhibit by Toby Snelgrove
Narrative by Jessica Easton

"We travel through our days engaged in activities -- building dreams -- marking both time and space with our presence. Other’s follow to find the remnants of our journey whether it is a home abandoned -- a misplaced object given up for loss -- a monument that hints at the grandeur of antiquity or one that reminds us of the costs of war. The visual art and narrative in this exhibit hopes to offer a kaleidoscope of images which evoke the impermanence of life -- the moments gone past which remind us of our humanity. “ -- Jessica Easton

Friday, August 6, 7 pm - 9 pm (Refreshments)
Saturday August 7,  9 pm - 5 pm
Agricultural Hall, Mayne Island

For further information email

Mayne Island farmers featured on CBC radio

Mayne Island farmers, Don and Shanti McDougall were featured on CBC radio today, during a food segment called "Island Artisans" by the foodie Don Genova on the Victoria program "All Points West".

It's a nice little promo for Mayne Island and local food, going out over the local airwaves. (Maybe it'll help combat some of the negative attention we've received lately with the ferry accident.)

Shanti talks about some of the steps she goes through to make her fabulous sauces and condiments.

Update: Google Alerts sent me a link today to Don Genova's blog post on his visit to Mayne Island. Island Artisans Blog

Click on the embedded player below to listen.

Village Bay Accident

Not being a major news story, the local media is a little slow on getting the details to us. They're obviously waiting for official word from BC Ferries, but they're not really digging for other info very hard from what I can see. For Mayne Islanders this story is vitally important.

I'm hoping those who have any information - not rumours - but actual info about what is developing, can post comments here. Just hit the link with the word "comments" in it, below this post.

At this point, 5 pm August 3rd, it's unclear how long the berth will be out of service and whether the Nanaimo can continue soon, or if a replacement vessel will be found.

You can comment anonymously if you choose.

Update: 5:30 pm. I just heard on the radio that divers have confirmed there was rope tangled around one of the propellors that prevented them from turning and slowing the Nanaimo as it approached the berth. It's been speculated that the ropes were from crab traps.

Update 1 AM Aug 4: I've read two news reports about the condition of Berth 2. One says at least a week for repair another says ominously "weeks" "several weeks". BC Ferries official word is taking it day by day and not speculating on the condition of the Nanaimo. For later this morning they are bringing in the Bowen Queen for the 10:20 run from Tsawwassen to the Gulf Islands, but that's it for the day, everyone else will have to do a through-fare. Didn't they just sell the usual replacement vessel, the old Queen of Tsawwassen, last year? It's starting to look like those on Mayne Island relying on tourist business through August are going to be suffering.

BC Ferries Service Notice

Update 11 AM Aug 4: I just heard an 11 AM news broadcast where BC Ferries spokesperson Debra Marshall is quoted as saying that it was not a rope tangle that caused the crash. They've discovered a mechanical device that controls the response of one of the engines failed.

They're still saying that the Nanaimo is "day to day" to use a sports term, but I imagine if they found a mechanical problem, this would require more time and careful checking before they could put it back in service.

I'm wondering if anyone knows, does the Nanaimo require berth 2 or can it use berth 1 if berth 2 is down? (A commenter answered that yes, the Nanaimo can use Berth 1.)

Update 1 PM Aug 4: BC Ferries has now pinned the blame on a securing mechanism on the control box on the port side. Two 6-inch metal dowels appear to have fallen out of the mechanism. (For nautical buffs, excuse me if I got the terminology wrong, just quoting what I heard on the radio. I don't know what any of this stuff is myself).

Update 1:30 PM Aug 4: From the Victoria Times-Colonist, some close-up photos of the damage and a more definitive statement about what may have happened to cause the accident:
The 15-metre-long line had a commercial crab pot on one end and a buoy on the other. The Queen of Nanaimo ran over the crab pot on its Gulf Island run Tuesday, and the rope binding the propeller caused the ship to vibrate, which likely led to the oil distribution box becoming unsecured, said Marshall.
“What may have happened is the lines may have caused vibration and the vibration may have caused the securing mechanism — they are two steel dowels of about six inches long — to fall out,” said Marshall.
Without oil, the captain was unable to swing the propeller from its forward position to reverse, and the ferry crashed into the dock.
BC Ferries is now saying the Queen of Nanaimo will be back in service Friday. Good news.

Another update 6:45 PM Aug 4: I've received some "from the horse's mouth" info from BC Ferries this afternoon, that re-iterates what's already been released with a few extra details. Thanks for the contribution.
So, as the analysis of the extent/type of damage to the QofN progresses, BC Ferries has come up the following plan for the short term:
1. Nanaimo will remain out of service tomorrow, but is expected to return to regular schedule operations Friday, Aug 6. 
2. For Thursday, Aug 5, the following will occur. All QofN scheduled sailings are cancelled. The Bowen Queen will, however, be put into service in the morning, on a modified form of Nanaimo's normal 1020 Tsawwassen departure leg. BQ to depart TSA at 1020. All Sturdies Bay and Village Bay-bound reservations that were already made for the Nanaimo will be accommodated on this sailing, that will operate: TSA to Sturdies Bay to Village Bay to Sturdies Bay to TSA. Then, the Bowen Queen will move into her regularly scheduled afternoon, Route 9A sailings.
Bowen Queen's schedule is not affected, as she normally would not be doing a morning run, and this way, she can perform some of QofN's normal morning runs. 
3. Then, when QofN returns Friday, she will resume her 'regular Route 9 schedule' with two exceptions until the berth is repaired at Village Bay. The two exceptions:
- Mon-Fri a.m., there will be no Lyall Harbour to Otter Bay transfers.
- Mon-Thurs p.m., there will be no Lyall Harbour to Tsawwassen transfers…directly. That is, the Saturna departing customers will still be able to get to the Lower Mainland, but they will now be doing so via Swartz Bay. 
4. Current estimate for berth repair at Village Bay is two weeks. So, this modified QofN plan outlined in 3. will only remain in effect until both berths at VB are fully operational, at which point 'everything goes back to normal'.
So it looks like BC Ferries has a firm plan now until everything is repaired. Good news. 

Photos by Toby Snelgrove - more available on his website.

Kelp Mapping - Aug 6th

This August the Mayne Island Conservancy will be mapping kelp beds around the island, and we are looking for volunteers to help with this project! Mapping will take place on the water, by kayak with handheld GPS. Any time and energy you can give will be instrumental in helping us complete the hands-on portion of this mapping project!

There are two windows of time in which the tides are just right for our purposes – August 6-12, and August 16-25. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Chris Fretwell at (250) 539-5168, or by email at

This project will set a baseline for future monitoring of Mayne Island kelp beds. Kelp beds resemble forests underwater, and create habitat for a myriad of creatures. Monitoring of the health and extent of these underwater forests will help us to make stewardship decisions to ensure their continued health.

August will also be a time for activities in Henderson Community Park, including putting up deer protection for arbutus seedlings, and removing scotch broom. If you would like to help out with these activities please contact Chris Fretwell at the above-mentioned phone or email address.

Mayne Island Conservancy Society