Help the Conservancy map eelgrass - July 17/18

Are you a kayaker interested in helping the environment? If so, why not help the Conservancy and the Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club map important eelgrass habitat around Gallagher Bay on Saturday, July 17th (starting at 12:30pm) and Sunday, July 18th (starting at 10am). We are expecting 6-8 freedivers, but we still need about 4 volunteers with their own kayaks to work with these freedivers.

Even if you're not a kayaker, we could still use your help! We are making dinner for the freedivers at 6:30pm on the 17th, and since many hands make light work, we'd very much appreciate anybody willing to make a dish. Give your new summer salad a try... and we'll provide the good company if you care to join us for dinner.

And don't forget: On July 13th, the Conservancy is conducting a beach spawning survey and we could use an extra set of hands. It's just another good excuse to go to the beach! Meet us at 9 am at Village Bay.

If you are free to help, please call Leanna Boyer at (250) 539-5168 or email For more information, visit our website at If you're interested in learning more about freediving, check out their website:

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