Ferron - Outdoor stage at the Ag Hall July 24

Hot on the heels of the recently sold-out performance by Roy Forbes, the Mayne Island Music Society is preparing to bring yet another Canadian icon to Mayne. In addition to being one of Canada’s most famous folk musicians, Ferron is well known as one of the most influential writers and performers of women’s music. Have a listen at www.ferrononline.com

Since her debut album, Ferron in 1977, Ferron has produced 14 albums and has toured extensively in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her 1984 Album Shadows on a Dime, earned her the accolade of “culture hero” from Rolling Stone magazine.

Ferron’s voice is rich and beautiful. She has been compared to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. “Ferron is a real salt of the earth singer who approaches her art with sleeves rolled up, ready to dive in. She walks her talk with heart exposed and performs with a courage and commitment that few other artists ever muster...” (Heselgrave 2008).

Don’t miss this opportunity to see/hear Ferron on the outside stage at the Ag Hall on July 24th.

Tickets are $18 at Happy Tides and $23 at the gate. Gates open at 6:00 pm; music begins at 7:30.

Opening act: Fish & Bird.

For further information email carolonmayne@shaw.ca

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