Major feature on Mayne Island in the Seattle Times - with photos and video

A major feature all about Mayne Island was published in Saturday's Seattle Times travel section featuring 3 stories, photos and video on their web site:

Exploring the art of Mayne Island in B.C.
"It seems a universal rule: Beautiful islands inspire artists, the way fertile gardens inspire chefs. 
British Columbia's Mayne Island has its share of resident artists. How the island influences their work seemed a question worth exploring." Read more ....
The article contains a photo slideshow of Mayne Island and a video interview on the Seattle Times web site with Jim McKenzie and M.D. Hennessy.

A companion article is in the same section focuses on other aspects on Mayne Island and includes detailed travel instructions and links to maps and accommodations:

Savor the slow life of B.C.'s Mayne Island
"It was the first day of spring, so naturally we were watching Mayne Island volunteers remove Christmas lights from a big tree in the park.
That's what you call "island time." No strict deadlines. No rushing about.
And almost everything is do-it-yourself out here on Mayne, one of the lesser-visited of British Columbia's Gulf Islands. It's nine square miles of lazily winding roads with no traffic lights and only about 1,100 year-round residents — a count that triples in summer." Read more ...
There's also a related article in the travel section on the Gulf Islands as a whole: Get away from it all on B.C.'s Gulf Islands

Mark Lauckner at his Mayne Island Glass Foundry and Insulator Museum.

Jim McKenzie at work in his studio.

John Aitken's Honouring figure.

More Mayne Island photos in a slideshow on the Seattle Times web site: Slideshow

Seattle Times Mayne Island feature.

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