A Web Site for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society

Introducing the New Web Site for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS)                                    

First a big thank you to Toby Snelgrove for getting the ball rolling in the creation of a web page for MICS and registering the domain "conservancyonmayne.com" which he has transferred to the society.

Alan Ryder has developed the site which has been up since early April. During the last couple of weeks improvements and additions have been made as a result of comments received. Thanks are due to our band of testers and commenters, as well as those who have contributed reports and photographs.

There are still incomplete pages and a few rough spots that will be ironed out over time, but nonetheless everyone is invited to visit:


You will find pages covering all aspects of MICS operations

    • Introducing MICS
    • Reports on all the projects we are involved in
    • Details of our events, past and planned (not quite complete)
    • Our "Schools" programs
    • About some of MICS publications (very much in development)
    • Calendar, Gallery, News and "Links" pages

There is a "Next Event" feature and provision for headlines on important topics/breaking news, and we do have a bit on how you can help!!

Comments, suggestions AND contributions are invited!

For further information contact: webmaster@conservancyonmayne.com

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