Shaw email problems

Many people on Mayne Island use Shaw for their email provider. For MayneNews I do also, I have and .com forward email to my email address.

The last email I sent to the MayneNews email list appears to have had delivery problems for any that went to email addresses. The culprit appears to be their spam filter, which for some unknown reason flagged all email coming from MayneNews via the MailChimp email service provider that I use as suspected spam. Hopefully this is only temporary.

This email was the one announcing the MI Conservancy bird workshop. I discovered it when the test emails I send to myself never appeared in my inbox. When I checked the MailChimp MayneNews email account it stated that all emails were successfully delivered and there appeared to clickthroughs to the blog via that email, although not as many as usual.

I checked my Shaw webmail account to see what was in the Shaw "Junk Mail" folder and found the MayneNews emails as well as several other legitimate emails intended for me. I don't know if this was simply a glitch on Shaw's part or will be a regular feature. It's possible they were experiencing a lot of spam and made a temporary increase to their automatic spam filter's sensitivity, which meant that some legitimate emails got tagged with a "suspected spam" tag. Or it could be there was something in the email that inadvertently triggered the spam filter, but I can't imagine what.

I would advise those who use Shaw for their email to go to the Shaw webmail page and check the junk mail folder to make sure there are no legitimate email that got trapped there. I've resolved to check mine a little more often than I do. This could explain a few mysterious situations past where expected email never arrived in my inbox.

To check your Shaw web mail account you need to go to  Enter your email address and email password to login.


  1. Then phone Shaw and raise Hell. This is an ongoing issue that they seem very reluctant to resolve. Do not turn the filter off an do not use the setting that deletes all spam. The end result is the same for anything that would be tagged as spam, it's gone.

  2. Thank you for confirming something I already suspected.

    I send out a newsletter from It has always gone to the recipients, until now. I did some test emails to people I know who had Shaw accounts, including myself and they did not come through.

    I logged into Shaw webmail > Settings > Spam filter and changed it to "Tag suspected junk mail." It worked for me, but if people don't know about it, they can't fix it.

    Time to change providers, I think, if this is a known problem and nothing is being done to remedy it.