Mayne Island's Tinkerers featured in Aqua Magazine

Exploring the MayneNews Twitter feed, I was alerted to the latest issue of the Aqua Magazine published by Salt Spring Island's Driftwood publishing.

Flipping through the magazine on the web, using their digital PDF format, I came across this fantastic little story on our own Judith and Jurgen.

From the article: "We're very satisfied with life because we love people. We have found that living in a simple way allows time to meet people, to understand ourselves and to appreciate nature and all that is around us." And a quote the reporter found tacked on their fridge:

"To live content with small means,
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
And refinement, rather than fashion,
To be worthy, not respectable ... "

Their story is featured on page 39 of the magazine and you can read it online here: The Tinkerers Page 39

Or  you can view the whole issue of Aqua, complete with a cool page-flipping animation and sound effect here: Aqua Magazine

Or you can get the paper edition at the usual locations. For a while we were getting Aqua delivered to our mailboxes, does anyone know if that's still happening? It seems to me I haven't seen it in my mailbox for a while.

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