Come help us monitor a masterpiece! - Sat. Apr. 10th

What: Join the Conservancy in setting up a photo-monitoring program in our newest park, Henderson Park. This park covers the beautiful Garry Oak Ecosystem, represents unique species, and has spectacular viewpoints - it is truly a natural masterpiece.

We'll take photos of areas where we'll do ecological restoration activities and then we'll mark where these photos were taken so that we can return to take the same shot over time.

Why: Our monitoring program will be able to showcase the successes of our hard-working Broom Action Team as well as document the change in plant communities once the broom has been removed and deer fencing has been installed.
Also, it'll be fun! You can learn about the park, the Garry Oak Ecosystem, and photo-point monitoring programs with our intern, Miriam.

When: This Saturday, April 10th, 10:30am - 1pm.

Where: Meet at the end of Beechwood Avenue (just off of Horton Bay Road).

For more information (or to carpool), contact:

Miriam Isaac-Renton


Leanna Boyer

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