Beware of Facebook's new privacy settings

Facebook has once again changed their privacy settings and introduced new features without doing much to inform their users what they might be sharing online. Users might not be aware that they have to go into their privacy settings or other settings and "opt out" of new ways of sharing their information that didn't exist before this week.

One of the new ones is called "Instant Personalization" and it appears to be a way for what Facebook refers to as "partner websites" and applications to recognize that a Facebook user is on their site and to use the user's Facebook information to personalize the site. It also appears that it will share that information with the user's Facebook friends and their data with the user.

It can be turned off, but most people are probably not aware that the change has even happened. I've found a few links below that detail how to manage the new privacy settings — at least this week, until Facebook makes another change.

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Facebook's Social Web: How to Protect Your Privacy

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