Shaw email problems

Many people on Mayne Island use Shaw for their email provider. For MayneNews I do also, I have and .com forward email to my email address.

The last email I sent to the MayneNews email list appears to have had delivery problems for any that went to email addresses. The culprit appears to be their spam filter, which for some unknown reason flagged all email coming from MayneNews via the MailChimp email service provider that I use as suspected spam. Hopefully this is only temporary.

This email was the one announcing the MI Conservancy bird workshop. I discovered it when the test emails I send to myself never appeared in my inbox. When I checked the MailChimp MayneNews email account it stated that all emails were successfully delivered and there appeared to clickthroughs to the blog via that email, although not as many as usual.

I checked my Shaw webmail account to see what was in the Shaw "Junk Mail" folder and found the MayneNews emails as well as several other legitimate emails intended for me. I don't know if this was simply a glitch on Shaw's part or will be a regular feature. It's possible they were experiencing a lot of spam and made a temporary increase to their automatic spam filter's sensitivity, which meant that some legitimate emails got tagged with a "suspected spam" tag. Or it could be there was something in the email that inadvertently triggered the spam filter, but I can't imagine what.

I would advise those who use Shaw for their email to go to the Shaw webmail page and check the junk mail folder to make sure there are no legitimate email that got trapped there. I've resolved to check mine a little more often than I do. This could explain a few mysterious situations past where expected email never arrived in my inbox.

To check your Shaw web mail account you need to go to  Enter your email address and email password to login.

A Web Site for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society

Introducing the New Web Site for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS)                                    

First a big thank you to Toby Snelgrove for getting the ball rolling in the creation of a web page for MICS and registering the domain "" which he has transferred to the society.

Alan Ryder has developed the site which has been up since early April. During the last couple of weeks improvements and additions have been made as a result of comments received. Thanks are due to our band of testers and commenters, as well as those who have contributed reports and photographs.

There are still incomplete pages and a few rough spots that will be ironed out over time, but nonetheless everyone is invited to visit:

You will find pages covering all aspects of MICS operations

    • Introducing MICS
    • Reports on all the projects we are involved in
    • Details of our events, past and planned (not quite complete)
    • Our "Schools" programs
    • About some of MICS publications (very much in development)
    • Calendar, Gallery, News and "Links" pages

There is a "Next Event" feature and provision for headlines on important topics/breaking news, and we do have a bit on how you can help!!

Comments, suggestions AND contributions are invited!

For further information contact:

Know Your Birds Part II - Sat May 1

This follow up to the popular winter bird workshop provides participants with the skills to identify the spring and summer birds of Mayne Island. Join Michael Dunn for this fascinating workshop.

Location: Agricultural Hall
Time: 7:30pm

Contact person for this event: Leanna Boyer 250-539-5168

MayneNews Blog re-design?

Just to see if anyone's paying attention: here's a sneak peak of a possible blog re-design I'm considering. Take a look, let me know what you think, via the comments below.

MayneNews Blog re-design

By the way, you can easily "re-design" your own website by going to this site, the Geocities-izer.

Vox was great!

I went to see Mayne Island's own Vox Trium at the Ag Hall last night and Gail Noonan, Steve Cropper and Lael Whitehead provided the full house with a great show.

The group sang it's way through a huge variety of music, from folk to medieval to the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B, as well as songs that both Gail and Lael had written and arranged for the group. A great night! Be sure to see them next time they put on a show.

I forgot to take my camera last night and I don't think there was anyone else there taking pictures, so I'm posting a picture from Vox Trium's web site.

Photo by Toby Snelgrove

Beware of Facebook's new privacy settings

Facebook has once again changed their privacy settings and introduced new features without doing much to inform their users what they might be sharing online. Users might not be aware that they have to go into their privacy settings or other settings and "opt out" of new ways of sharing their information that didn't exist before this week.

One of the new ones is called "Instant Personalization" and it appears to be a way for what Facebook refers to as "partner websites" and applications to recognize that a Facebook user is on their site and to use the user's Facebook information to personalize the site. It also appears that it will share that information with the user's Facebook friends and their data with the user.

It can be turned off, but most people are probably not aware that the change has even happened. I've found a few links below that detail how to manage the new privacy settings — at least this week, until Facebook makes another change.

How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook's Social Web: How to Protect Your Privacy

"Instant personalization" brings more privacy issues to Facebook

Delete Facebook Apps that Now Have Greater Access to Your Data

Mayne Island grown food already "springing" forth

Spring greens at Christina's Garden

MayneNews Freeboard

Free fibreglass dinghy and oars. A little beat up, but no leaks.

Perfect kind to leave on a beach for access to a moored boat.


Youth Eco-Internship Position Available

Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem Conservation Youth Internship 

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society is looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic person to fill a 4 month internship position on Mayne Island (May to August). Applicants must be under 30 and the position is only available to current secondary or post-secondary students who do NOT have an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Description: This position will include the following activities:

Conduct forage fish surveys, eelgrass mapping and monitoring, kelp mapping
Collect geographic data using hand-held GPS
Conduct data entry and assist with production of maps using GIS software
Conduct community mapping exercises
Conduct baseline surveys of the restoration areas on Henderson Park
Assist with the creation of field forms and construct field monitoring tools
Assist with the training and coordination of volunteers

Minmum Qualifications: 

Ability to work with the public in a professional manner
Ability to work with minimal supervision and in a group
Ability to operate a kayak and work in a variety of weather conditions outside
Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills
Ability to be flexible and creative
Academic interest in biology or related field an asset
Must have a passion for stewardship and conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Skills Acquired: Intern will learn how to:

map marine habitats using a variety of methods on a variety of platforms (beach, kayak, boat with underwater camera)
conduct forage fish spawning habitat surveys
conduct community mapping with the Mayne Island community
collect geographical data and create maps using GIS software learn
about terrestrial and nearshore marine ecology
coordinate volunteers and work with the public
the principles of ecosystem restoration
develop a working knowledge of vegetation inventory

Primary Language: English
Start Date: May 10, 2010
Hours: 35 hours a week, weekdays and weekends
Wage: $12.00/hr
To apply: Fill in an application at and indicate your interest in working with the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. Any questions about the position can be directed to Leanna Boyer (250-539-5168), Executive Director of the Mayne Island Conservation Society.

This position is being funded through the Youth Eco Internship Program (YEIP)*. This program places unemployed people aged 15 to 30 from diverse backgrounds into paid internship opportunities within the non-profit and community services sector in Canada with a focus on the environment. These positions, offered in a wide range of organizations, will help young Canadians learn the skills required to gain and sustain future employment within the sector.

This project is a collaboration between the YMCA and YWCA Canada, with funding provided by the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan. The YEIP encourages applicants from visible minority, Aboriginal, immigrant, refugee and traditionally marginalized communities to apply, and is committed to providing employment supports wherever possible.

*Please note that only those eligible for the Youth Eco Internship Program can be considered for these positions. More information at

"Spring Tonic" with Vox Trium - Sat Apr 24

An Eclectic Vocal Concoction to Swell your Buds and get your Sap Rising!  Join Trio members, Lael Whitehead, Gail Noonan, and Stephen Cropper for a Cabaret-Style evening of music.  Vox Trium focuses on à cappella music spanning ten centuries, including original songs and arrangements composed by members of the trio.

Toby Snelgrove Photo

Concert on Saturday, April 24, 2010, 8:00pm (Doors open at 7:30pm), Agricultural Hall, Mayne Island.


Tickets at the door or to be sure, from Miners Bay Books or Happy Tides on Mayne Island.

For more information visit our website at or contact Stephen Cropper by phone at 250-539-2206 or by email at

Come help us monitor a masterpiece! - Sat. Apr. 10th

What: Join the Conservancy in setting up a photo-monitoring program in our newest park, Henderson Park. This park covers the beautiful Garry Oak Ecosystem, represents unique species, and has spectacular viewpoints - it is truly a natural masterpiece.

We'll take photos of areas where we'll do ecological restoration activities and then we'll mark where these photos were taken so that we can return to take the same shot over time.

Why: Our monitoring program will be able to showcase the successes of our hard-working Broom Action Team as well as document the change in plant communities once the broom has been removed and deer fencing has been installed.
Also, it'll be fun! You can learn about the park, the Garry Oak Ecosystem, and photo-point monitoring programs with our intern, Miriam.

When: This Saturday, April 10th, 10:30am - 1pm.

Where: Meet at the end of Beechwood Avenue (just off of Horton Bay Road).

For more information (or to carpool), contact:

Miriam Isaac-Renton


Leanna Boyer

Searching for Surf Smelt Eggs! - April 12th

The sand lance surveys are completed for the year but there is another fish that spawns on sandy beaches, surf smelt! Smelt are an important food source for several species of birds, fish and mammals and we want to know where they spawn.

Help us find this valuable treasure. Volunteers are needed to help in the field and to search for eggs. We will be sampling 3 beaches starting with Campbell Bay.

Field Day:
Monday April 12th
Campbell Bay beach

Panning for eggs:
Tuesday - Wednesday.
222 Skana Gate Rd.

Call Leanna for details: 250-539-5937

MIRRA Economic Development Committee Meeting - Apr. 6

Mayne Island Resident and Ratepayers Association

There will be an initial meeting of the committee on April 6 at 7:30pm at the Community Centre.

The purpose of the committee is to explore and encourage business opportunities on the island, with a goal of enhancing the sustainable employment base on Mayne. We invite any individuals with contacts, ideas or enthusiasm to come to the meeting and provide some input. From this meeting, we can judge the interest and take the steps to put this committee into action.

Submitted by David Maude. For further information about this event contact him.

David P Smith CD release party - Fri. Apr. 9th

David P. Smith - unflinching original songwriter with a magnetic live performance, has gathered together top notch musicians including the band Dad's Juice to celebrate the CD release of Mantannae.

Show is on Friday April 9th at the Ag Hall.
Tickets- $15 or $20 with CD - at the door.

Opening act - rockabilly rhythm and blues sensation Slim Sandy begins at 8:00 pm.

Refreshments available.

For further information contact Annette Witteman: 250-539-5011

Listen to David P. Smith on MySpace

Power Back On

Cartoon by Jim Traversy

It was off for about 32 hours for me, although I know some folks got it back last night. I think there's a few who are still in the dark tonight.

UPDATE: Some people's power is still out after 48 hours.

Reminder to classical music lovers - Concert Apr. 4th

Celebrate Easter Sunday by attending the afternoon concert with the Saltspring Island Chamber Players.

Don't miss this opportunity to listen to world class performers Jim, Lauren and Matt Stubbs.

The concert will include works by composers Orlando Lassus, J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, Alexandre Tansman, Aaron Copland and an improvisation by Matt.

Doors open at 2:00 pm at the Ag Hall on Sunday April 4th. The concert will begin at 2:30.

For further info go to the Mayne Island Music Society on the web.

Early Bird Farmer's Market - Sat. Apr. 3rd

Spring has sprung!

The plants are growing and the creative juices are flowing. A few hardy Marketeers are preparing their wares for a special Easter sale!

This Saturday, April 3rd, from 10 AM -1 PM there will be vendors at the Market grounds and a craft sale inside the Ag hall.

Come out and see what's growing as folks display the fruits of their gardens and workshops.

As always, pray for sun!

For further information contact Mike Nadeau (250) 539-0123

Mayne Island's Tinkerers featured in Aqua Magazine

Exploring the MayneNews Twitter feed, I was alerted to the latest issue of the Aqua Magazine published by Salt Spring Island's Driftwood publishing.

Flipping through the magazine on the web, using their digital PDF format, I came across this fantastic little story on our own Judith and Jurgen.

From the article: "We're very satisfied with life because we love people. We have found that living in a simple way allows time to meet people, to understand ourselves and to appreciate nature and all that is around us." And a quote the reporter found tacked on their fridge:

"To live content with small means,
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
And refinement, rather than fashion,
To be worthy, not respectable ... "

Their story is featured on page 39 of the magazine and you can read it online here: The Tinkerers Page 39

Or  you can view the whole issue of Aqua, complete with a cool page-flipping animation and sound effect here: Aqua Magazine

Or you can get the paper edition at the usual locations. For a while we were getting Aqua delivered to our mailboxes, does anyone know if that's still happening? It seems to me I haven't seen it in my mailbox for a while.