Jaiya’s CD Release Celebration! — Sat. Mar. 20th

Saturday March 20th, 7:30 pm

Mayne Island Community Centre

Come and help Mayne Island Trio Jaiya celebrate the release of their 3rd album:  Invocation: Songs for a Sacred Earth.

Hear the music -- Sacred songs and chants dedicated to the Earth Spirit; for healing, celebration, abundance and peace.

Walk an indoor candle-lit labyrinth in honour of the Spring Equinox!

Refreshments provided

Admission free

CDs will be available for sale at a special introductory price

Invocation is an album of sacred words and music written by band members Miranda Brown, Kim Darwin and Lael Whitehead. The CD also includes Jaiya’s musical settings of the traditional Navaho Earth Spirit Prayer, the ancient Sanskrit mantra, Om Nama Shivaya, and the Christian prayer for peace, Dona Nobis Pacem.

“Our third album seems to be the most meditative yet. Each song is a hymn to life, expressing what the Dalai Lama calls “the yearning for harmony, with oneself and with others, with nature and with the spiritual and sacred within us and around us.” — Jaiya member L. Whitehead

“On this album Kim has found new life in the Rhodes piano from his salad days as a Jazz musician. The bell-like tones of the electric Rhodes (a real instrument by the way – the sound is produced by tines being struck by tiny mallets) combines beautifully with the harp, creating a dreamy/lively soundscape. Of course we couldn’t do without Lael’s heartfelt, soulful whistle and Kim’s sad-sweet, yet irrepressible accordion. 'What?' you say. Well, it might seem like a bit of a contradiction but you’ll just have to hear it… Some tunes called out for drums and percussion and Jaiya members’ best friend and Heaven-sent studio engineer Peter Mann has joined us on a couple of songs, keeping us well anchored with his intuitive bass lines.” — Jaiya member M. Brown

Listen to the music or go to http://www.jaiya.ca

Questions or for further information: info@jaiya.ca

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