"Beautiful Mayne Island" Photo Album - add your pics

MayneNews has created a photo album on Picasa Web Albums for anyone to upload photos of or about Mayne Island to. You can view the public MayneNews album here: Beautiful Mayne Island. You can view it as individual pictures or click the "Slideshow" button to see a slideshow.

So far, I've placed in a few pics that have been posted on the MayneNews blog.

I invite you to add your own pics to the album.

Here's how:

Address an email to 114188038864316168499.PublicPics@picasaweb.com

In the "Subject" line enter exactly:    Beautiful Mayne Island     This will sort it into the correct Picasa album automatically.

Attach your .jpg and send.

Size limitation: Google Picasa Web Albums only gives me 1 Gb of space for free. Therefore reduce your image size to less than 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels, or less than 500 Megabytes in size, so that the album doesn't become quickly filled. Anything larger will have to be removed.

If you don't know how to do that, and have a Mac, I can probably help you figure it out. If you're using Windows, you'll have to ask your expert geek friend. :-)

All pics posted are subject to Creative Commons Copyright rules. Free to share, free for non-commercial use. 

Of course, keep the pictures PG folks. Anything not for a general audience will have to be removed.

Thanks ... now send those pics!
UPDATE: I didn't see anything on the Google Picasa instructions about how people could email additional info such as a caption or other info about the shot. A few folks have posted some nice shots but I don't know who they are or where their pics are from.

If you have a Google Account you can add Picasa or sign up for a free Picasa account and add this info in the comments below the photos. Or you can email it to me: info [at} maynenews.ca and I'll enter it under the photo. Also, if you give the file a descriptive name such as LookingAcrossActivePass.jpg, that can be seen in the photo info along the side and I'll add that as a caption.

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