Africa's Anita - Update

Africa’s Anita - update

As many of you know, the day before Christmas, we received some shocking news from Uganda regarding Anita Kemirembe (the child in “Anita’s Africa”) and a life-threatening accident which had happened to her.

Through a posting on Mayne News, we approached Mayne Islanders for their help. At the time of our appeal, the family was bankrupt and destitute the consequence of medical expenses and the fact that neither parent because of the accident was able to work. As a result of the tremendous response we received, Anita’s father was able to have her moved by ambulance from the public Mulago Hospital in Kampala to a private rehabilitation clinic for children in Entebbe.  Since her arrival there, she has endured nine surgeries and although weak and in considerable pain, continues her fight to recover.

Words cannot convey our gratitude and that of the Kemirembe family for the incredible generosity of Mayne Islanders in this time of crisis. Your support has helped in defraying Anita’s medical expenses and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Anita is expected to remain in hospital for six months. We will keep you posted as to her progress.

For anyone still wishing to contribute to Anita’s fund, cheques may be made payable to Coming Home Films Inc. (“Anita Relief” on the memo line) and either left at Gulfport Realty or mailed to PO Box 106.

Tamara Gagne has made a “get well” card for Anita from her friends and supporters on Mayne. The card may be signed at Happy Tides.

Beverley Reid,
Dereck Atha,
Sue Atha,
Peter Kellington.

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