Introducing MayneNews Freeboard

I thought I would try this on a trial basis to see how it works.

The idea is that people who have free things to give away can have a notice sent out with the next MayneNews email to go out to the list and posted on the MayneNews blog.

Free things to give away or wanted only.


I have a Queen Size bed with headboard, mattress and box spring and matching 6 drawer chest of drawers.

It is all taken apart and ready to travel. The bed is not perfect, but is in fairly good condition and the mattress is in very good condition.  It has been in use in my home until this week - now the room is going to be my sewing room.

Someone would really appreciate it and get some good use out of it.

The bedroom set is a donation - I would just like it to be used.

Maureen Pearl   250 539 2116


  1. Tripod stand for portable 6' projection screen needed for the Community Centre. We have the screen already; just need the stand. Thanks.
    Dave Lindquist. 250 539 2128 or

  2. Hi Dave, I'll post your request to the MayneNews email list when the next one goes out.

  3. I have a bunch of brand new VHS tapes for free for any non commercial interests.

    Henry / 5321 /